Amazing Women’s Ballroom Dance Shoes 2023

Women’s Ballroom dance Shoes are an important part of the dancing shoes wardrobe. They support and help with movement, making it easier to stay on your feet and look good while dancing. 
There are various types and sizes of shoes available, so it’s important to find the right pair. 

Women's Ballroom Dance Shoes
Women’s Ballroom Dance Shoes

History of These Shoes

In recent years, the Women’s ballroom dance shoes industry has seen a resurgence, with popular brands such as Jimmy Choo and Steve Madden releasing high-quality shoes that are perfect for both beginner and experienced dancers. These shoes offer an excellent grip on the floor, making them ideal for those who want to learn to dance. These shoes have a modern design that makes them look more stylish.

How to Choose?

When choosing the perfect pair of shoes, there is a distinct set of criteria you need to examine before making a purchase. The demands for each dance style can make finding the right shoe a little overwhelming, especially given how many different kinds and styles there are on the market.

Where do you even begin?
Here is a good start! This guide takes you through ten of the best women’s dance shoes for 2023. There’s a shoe to grace every dancer’s foot from ballroom, Latin, and anything in between. Let’s jump in!
There are various types and sizes of Women’s Ballroom Dance Shoes available.
In this article, we will briefly discuss ballroom shoes.
Here are some tips and styles to help you choose the perfect pair of shoes: 

Style 1012

Effortlessly stylish, this classic ballroom shoe has a round toe for added comfort and a horizontal strap with an oval diamante buckle. It’s the height of understated elegance.

Style 1012 is for beginner ballroom dancer who wants feminine beauty and princess-style looks in their wardrobe. It’s available in satin, leather, and sateen leather, offering satin’s appearance but in a softer and more flexible material. It’s an ideal material for beginners’ feet.
Colors: Flesh, White, Black, Dark Tan, Red
Heel Heights: 2” Flare, 2” Contour, 2.5” Flare, 2.5” Contour, 3” Flare, 3” Contour
Fitting Options: Narrow, Regular, Wide, Extra Wide

Women's Ballroom Dance Shoes
Women’s Ballroom Dance Shoes

Style 1003

Style 1003 embodies the classic pointed-toe court shoe with a softly squared front. This shoe is available in satin, sateen, or leather.

Various fittings, heel heights, and styles make this a versatile shoe for a keen amateur. It’s hard wearing for training and lessons but also effortlessly elegant for those first competitions.

The pointed-toe style means it is a half-size wider than your round-toe style, so you may need to size down, depending on your foot width.
Colors: Flesh, White, Black, Dark Tan
Heel Heights: 2” Flare, 2” Contour, 2.5” Contour, 3” Contour
Fitting Options: Narrow, Regular, Wide, Extra Wide

Style 1004 

This classic ballroom shoe is ideal for dancers who feel extra secure in their shoes, with the elegant diagonal strap across the foot. 

It’s available in satin but can be ordered in leather and various colors. Given its pointed toe, we recommend going down half a size compared to a rounded-toe court shoe for this style.
Colors: White, Black, Dark Tan, Flesh
Heel Heights: 2” Slim, Flare, Contour, 2.5” Slim, Flare, Contour, 3” Slim, Flare, Contour
Fitting Options: Narrow, Regular, Wide

Style 1016

With a round front and classy round toe, this stylish ballroom shoe is the perfect partner for lessons and competition. It comes in a wide range of fittings to suit every dancer.

The shaped design is elegant and stylish in satin, sateen leather, and leather. It will make you feel like a dancer while learning the basic dance steps. 

Colors: White, Black, Dark Tan, Flesh

Heel Heights: 2” Flare, 2” Contour, 2.5” Contour, 3” Contour

Fitting Options: Narrow, Regular, Wide, Extra Wide

Style 1008

This round-toe, gently elasticated court shoe is a traditional style and design. It wouldn’t look out of place in the office or on a formal night out.

The Style 1008 is available in various colors and materials, including leather, satin, and sateen leather, plus a choice of four different heel types. It is an incredibly versatile dance shoe for beginner dancers who also want to be able to wear the shoe for different occasions.

Colors: Flesh, White, Black, Silver Coag, Gold Coag

Heel Heights: 2” Cuban, 2” Slim, 2” Contour, 2” Flare, 2.5” Contour, 2.5” Slim, 2.5” Flare, 3” Contour

Fitting Options: Narrow, Regular, Wide

Women's Ballroom Dance Shoes
Women’s Ballroom Dance Shoes

Style 1143

It’s available in six colors, including a wide range of neon shades to match whichever dress you need for the competition. 

The charming detail attached to the diamante hook buckle takes the visual appeal of this shoe to a new, glamorous level. These shoes are for Latin dancers gearing up for a high-performance competition, and they deliver.

Colors: Dark tan satin, dark tan coag, dark tan vegan, dark tan shimmer, neon yellow, lilac, neon pink, neon green, neon orange, Santorini blue 

Heel Heights: 3″ Stiletto (8cm), 2.5″ SD (7cm), 3″ SD (8cm), 2.5″ Stiletto (7cm)

Fitting Options: Wide, Extra Wide, Extra Narrow, Regular, Narrow

Style 1178

For something with a little more style and flash, we have our braided vamp Style 1178. This style is made on our Stiletto Heel Last, which is part of our high-performance range. The styles made on these ‘lasts’ are a slimmer fit and higher arch compared to some of our other styles. 

The sole length is modified to end with the tip of the toes, favored by competitive dancers (i.e., the length is shorter than 1403). This style comes with our perfectly balanced new Stiletto and SD heels, available in 2½” and 3″ heel heights.

The two-way fastening strap keeps you secure even during the fastest-paced Latin dance routines. This style can be made in various neon colors, dark tan satin, dark tan coag, and dark tan shimmer.

Colors: Neon green, lilac, pink, yellow, orange, green, Santorini blue, dark tan satin, dark tan coag, and dark tan shimmer.

Heel Heights: 2.5” SD (7cm), 3” SD (8cm), 2.5” Stiletto (7cm), 3” Stiletto (8cm)

Fitting Options: Regular, Wide

Style 1177

This style comes in our Dark Tan Sateen Leather, designed to blend beautifully with tanned skin. These heels make a statement, so they are perfect for competitive performances. 

They catch the eye while remaining secure and comfortable, with an open-toe design for maximum breathability. 

Colors: Dark Tan Sateen Leather

Heel Heights: 2.5″ SD (7cm), 3″ SD(8cm)

Fitting Options: Narrow, Regular, Wide

What To Consider When Choosing the Best Women’s Dance Shoes

Below are some key areas you should consider before committing to any purchase.

Women's Ballroom Dance Shoes
Women’s Ballroom Dance Shoes

Appropriate Style

Women’s Ballroom Dance Shoes achieve different aims from a Latin shoes because the dance styles are entirely different! Don’t mistakenly purchase a shoe simply because you like how it looks. The foundation of an appropriate dance shoe is that it’s suited for the designated style. 

Ballroom dancing calls for smooth movements as dancers glide across the dance floor. For that reason, they have slightly lower heel heights and elegant cuts.

Latin dancing is all about sensuality and quick movements. The appropriate shoe will have higher arches and heels that allow quick hip movements. 

The Perfect Fit

Once you have found the right style, the next most important factor is the fit. You need to make sure it feels as comfortable as possible. Whether performing professionally in competitions or socially for recreation, you’ll wear the shoes for hours. 

Your shoes shouldn’t be too tight or too loose.

Improper fit can lead to injury. It’s why it’s best to look for appropriate options sized for your feet. If you have wide feet, squeezing your feet into a narrow shoe makes no sense because you like the look. 

It would be best if you never tried to push through the pain. 

Besides saving you from discomfort, proper fit will improve your performance. You’ll execute your moves more effectively if you aren’t distracted by pain. 

The perfect pair of women’s ballroom dance shoes boosts your confidence, making dancing a far more enjoyable experience overall. Stability, balance, and confidence are the central pillars of successful dance, so take notice of the importance of the perfect fit. 

Women's Ballroom Dance Shoes

The Price Tag

Last but by no means least, let’s talk about your budget. Depending on how you approach to dance, you may go one of two ways. 

Some dancers buy the most expensive pair, believing these to be the highest quality. Others find the most affordable pair on the market. These approaches are both understandable, but they also have their downfalls.

The most expensive does not always equal the best. On the other hand, the affordable option may provide less value for money. Have you saved any money if you have to replace a cheap pair of shoes every couple of months? 

The best approach is to purchase from a reputable brand and pay attention to the materials used, the fit, and the style. These are far more important factors than the price tag.

Looking for Women’s Dance Shoes? 

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The article briefly overviews the history and use of women’s ballroom dance shoes. It then discusses the Different Types of Shoes Available and Their Use. It Calls For More Awareness And Education On The Topic, To Give Women The Chance To Enjoy This Historic Sport As Much As Men Have Done Before Them.

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