Top 5 Puma Shoes for Women in 2024

Puma shoes for women are a perfect choice. Those who want to feel confident and stylish. With various styles and heights, these shoes will keep you looking good no matter where you go.
Several factors influence what women wear. From the look and feel of the shoes to the style, there are various options available for women when it comes to buying shoes. 
Puma is one company that produces a wide range of shoes for both men and women. Whether you are looking for stylish and versatile shoes or something to take to work, Puma has you covered.

Puma Shoes for Women
Puma Shoes for Women

About and Benefits 

If you are searching for the most popular and versatile running shoes, you have many options to consider, but the best option for you is the shoes offered by Puma. 
It is a renowned shoe brand that has been selling a large number of shoes to men and women across the world. The shoes offered by Puma are known to take your running efforts to the next level, as you can get the best experience of your life.

Puma is still considered one of the coolest shoe brands in the world, as it allows you to move while wearing these amazing-looking shoes. It will offer you the most superior cushioning so that you will enjoy wearing these shoes for the longest period without facing any inconvenience. 

These high-quality constructions and materials of the shoes make them stand out from the other kinds of shoes that enhance the overall design and look of the Puma shoes. You will love the comfort these cushioned everyday running shoes offer, making them the perfect option for everyday wear.

Puma shoes are constructed with the latest technology design and style elements to ensure an amazing look. 
It also allows you to run long distances without facing any issues because the hybrid midsole offers extra support to the feet. Along with the highest level of comfort, these shoes offer maximum grip, so you will enjoy wearing these shoes for the longest time.

Types of Puma’s Shoes

Women’s Shoes and Sneakers

With a pair of PUMA sneakers for women on your side, stepping out in style has never been so simple. PUMA designs sneakers for women to suit every occasion, ensuring you’ll find the right shoes in our collections. Get ready to serve some serious streetwear-ready looks by incorporating a pair of chunky ’90s-inspired trainers into your collection. Alternatively, if the sports luxe look is more your style, a pair of Heritage basketball sneakers in a contemporary colour will serve you well season after season. Our engineer and design teams incorporate speed, comfort and style into Puma shoes for women.

PUMA’s collection of iconic silhouettes is sleek and has an abundance of performance-focused features to please even the most experienced runners. Athletes who favor track and field haven’t been overlooked, and our innovative range of running spikes is durable, lightweight and shaped to deliver success. Whether searching for your ideal pair of classic trainers, updating your selection of sandals and sliders, or being eager to update your gym wardrobe with a fresh pair of performance-driven running shoes for women, PUMA has every occasion covered.

Women’s lifestyle and Sneakers

Designed to step up to the mark on every occasion, PUMA lifestyle shoes for women are much more than your average everyday shoe. Bringing you retro and classic silhouettes for a bit of flair, a pair of our iconic white women’s shoes will easily slip into your everyday wardrobe. Alternatively, serve some serious streetwear-inspired looks in a pair of thick-soled sneakers with oversized laces, or revel in the versatility that only a staple pair of black shoes can truly deliver.

Puma Shoes for Women
Puma Shoes for Women

You’ve got many options with everything from 90s-inspired chunky kicks in pastel hues to so-far-from-basic women’s black sneakers or eye-catching white sneakers. Choose from sleek silhouettes with metallic touches or retro-inspired splashes of colour to get your perfect look. Whether you’re looking to make a statement or for an everyday pair of sneakers that will allow you to step into the weekend directly from your desk, we’ve got you covered.

Women’s Running Shoes and sneakers

Whether looking for shoes to motivate you to start your running journey or want to level up and reach new fitness goals, PUMA women’s running sneakers are engineered for speed and performance. Consistently remaining at the forefront of footwear innovation, PUMA integrates the latest running technologies into every design. Every PUMA running shoe is carefully crafted using ultra-comfortable fabrics and materials, ensuring everything from the uniquely cushioned sole to the padded tongue allows you to maximize your performance every step of the way.

If track and field is your vibe, we’ve got you covered with our comprehensive range of women’s running spikes designed to be both lightweight and highly durable. From fashion running shoes that will easily see you through every weekend gym-to-brunch situation to performance-focused women’s track spikes to break personal bests left, right and centre, find your perfect footwear partner at PUMA. With a shoe for every run and every runner, you’ve come to the right place. There are too much variety of shoes available in market here we discuss some best types puma shoes for women.

1.Best Overall: Puma Women’s Osu Running Shoe

These women’s PUMA running shoes feature a carbon rubber durable outsole with flex grooves that offer a good grip. Made of 100% synthetic fabric, the shoes’ exterior is banded with the logo on the lateral side. A hook-and-loop strap allows you to customize the fit according to your feet. The cushioned midsole gives you comfort that allows freedom of movement for avid runners in this sleek and geometric design.

Puma Shoes for Women
Puma Shoes for Women

Best for Enhancing Performance: PUMA Women’s 19499501 Running Shoes

These pink PUMA running shoes enhance your physical performance with the EVA midsole. The unique Cell Technology is also utilized for comfort, cushioning, and style. The Cell heel unit gives you stable cushioning, and the rubber outsole improves your traction for long-lasting movement. 

Puma Shoes for Women

Best Comfortable: PUMA Women’s Tazon 6 Running Shoes

Streamlined and sleek in design, these black PUMA running shoes feature a midfoot saddle, TPU shank, and inner cushion for balance. The outer layer is made of synthetic leather perforated to allow your feet to breathe. A stable base is obtained by the heel cap, while the rubber sole allows you a solid grip on any terrain. To absorb impact, you can rely on the EVA-molded heel and a sock liner that adds to the inside softness.

Puma Shoes for Women

Best Lightweight: PUMA Women’s Cell Vive Running Shoe

With these PUMA women’s athletic shoes, an integrated 10CELL piece is incorporated in the heel with a cell-like structure to help with stability. The exterior of this shoe is constructed with a bold collar silhouette and large logo branding on the side. Alternative collar heights add a chic look to these lightweight PUMA running shoes, while the gore piece helps with ease of wearing and removal. To maintain traction, rubber in the outsole comes into play, whereas the full-length and sculpted EVA offers comfort.

Puma Shoes for Women

Best for Flexibility: PUMA Women’s Ignite XT Women’s Running Shoes

These PUMA soft foam running shoes feature a lightweight mesh exterior and synthetic overlays to increase your range of motion. It allows for breathability, so your feet don’t feel stuffy while you run. The Ignite midsole cushions your foot, while the moulded EVA sock liner adds extra softness. Forefoot flex grooves are constructed into the shoe for increased flexibility, and the Forever Foam heel design gives height and support.

Puma Shoes for Women

Frequently Asked Questions

Are PUMA running shoes good for overpronation?
Some PUMA running shoes have a soft midsole cushion that can help with overpronation.
Do PUMA shoes have good arch support?
Not all PUMA shoes have arch support, but they use their Arch Tec mechanism to help with the same.
Are Pumas considered running shoes?
Yes, Puma is a leading sportswear brand that offers high-quality running shoes.
Can we use Puma sneakers for running?
Yes, Puma’s modern sneakers are suitable for running. They are comfortable and durable for intense sprints.

Does Adidas own Puma?
No, both companies have independent owners.
Do Puma shoes have good support?
Yes, Puma shoes offer good support to the feet.
Are Puma Ignite running shoes?
Yes, Puma Ignite is a unique sport running shoe. Usain Bolt even wears that.
What is the running system in Puma?
Puma uses the Original Running System (IRS) to offer high-quality, comfortable running shoes.


Puma shoes for women are a great option for those who want to feel like a pro. With a variety of styles and colours, Puma shoes are sure to please. Mallgoers and athletes can find the perfect pair of sneakers with Puma Shoes.

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