Useful Shoes for Bunions in 2023

Shoes for bunions are a necessary part of any doctor’s patient care. If the Bunion is severe, you may need to see a specialist to treat it. Shoes made for bunions can help reduce inflammation and discomfort and increase your chance of healing.

Many types of shoes can be worn to relieve pressure on the bunions. Two main types of shoes are usually worn with bunion relief: orthotics and crutches. Can insert Orthotics into the feet to help improve your walking and running abilities. Can also Crutches be used to reduce the amount of stress on your bunions.

Shoes for Bunions
Shoes for Bunions

Why is it Necessary?

If you’re currently dealing with bunions, you’re not alone. A very common foot disorder, about a third of U.S. adults, live with these bony bumps on the inside of their foot, located at the base of the big toe. 

Possibly caused by genetics, years of wearing poorly-fitted shoes or heels and certain inflammatory conditions, bunions are not typically dangerous—but they can be troublesome, especially when finding the proper footwear. 

Can the wrong shoes make bunions worse?

Bunions can feel painful because many shoes aren’t made to accommodate this extra growth, and over time, friction and pressure can cause the Bunion to become inflamed.

7 Best Shoes for Bunions,

 According to Podiatrists, If you need help finding the best shoes for bunions, you’ve come to the right place. High heels aren’t comfortable for most people, and anyone with bunions, they provide an extra challenge. And it’s not just tricky high heels—many “normal” shoes can be difficult for bunions, as they apply pressure to the joint and can result in foot pain, even on most strolls. Luckily, you’re not relegated to special shoes only, and plenty of everyday sneakers, walking shoes, sandals and more can accommodate bunions—if you know what to look for. Ahead, podiatrists explain what causes bunions, why certain shoes are better than others, and provide shoe picks for both men and women.

Feature & Detail of Types

Shoes for Bunions

Revitalign Seaside Flip-flop(Features)

Looking for a summer flip-flop that won’t cause your Bunion to go untreated? Check out these shoes for relief!

Price: $20.13 to $69.95

Orthotic-grade footbed approved by American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA)

back pain

Birkenstock Arizona Essentials Eva Sandal

Looking for a comfortable and stylish pair of shoes to wear during the summer? Look no further than Eva Sandal’s Birkenstock Arizona essentials. 

These shoes are perfect for people with bunion feet, as they provide support and comfort in equal measure. 

With a stylish and comfortable style, these shoes are a must-have for any summer outing.

Price: $38.00 to $114.30

Skin-friendly material for sensitive skin

Anatomically shaped footbed

Available in men’s sizes 6-13.5, women’s sizes 4-12.5, medium-narrow width

Skechers WALK Arch Fit – Iconic

Shoe companies have been making bunion’s shoes sufferers for centuries, but now there is a new option – the Arch Fit shoe. 

The TheArchFit shoe has a unique design that helps reduce the number of pain points on the feet and provides a more comfortable fit.

Price: $66.14 to $175.66

Removable Arch Fit insole; machine washable

High-rebound Comfort Pillar Technology for added support

Available in women’s sizes 6-13, medium and wide width

Shoes for Bunions

Viva Aria 5° Pointed-Toe Ballet Flats

What are the best shoes for Bunions Vivaia Aria 5 Pointed-toe Ballet Flats? 

Many different types of shoes can be worn with bunion Vivaia Aria 5 Pointed-toe Ballet Flats. 

Some people choose to wear delicate shoes with high heels, while others prefer to go for heavier shoes. 

However, the most important thing is that the shoes fit well and do not make your feet too painful.

Price: $89.99

5° inward adjustment for larger toe box

Made from recycled plastic bottles, antimicrobial and machine washable

Available in women’s sizes 5-11

Allbirds Wool Runners

Shoes for bunions for all birds should be comfortable, stylish and durable. With various styles and colours to choose from, finding the right pair is easy. Here are three tips to help you find the perfect shoes:

1. Look for versatile shoes. There are many different shoes but all birds is best, so it’s important to find something that can be worn indoors and out.

2. Look for shoes with a good soles. Not all shoes have a good sole, so check before buying.

3. Try on different pairs before buying. Once you have selected a few pairs of shoes, try them on and ensure they fit well to get the best performance from your bunion all-bird shoe choice.

Price: $110

The cushioned midsole, machine washable

Merino wool helps keep feet at an optimal temperature

Available in men’s sizes 8-14, women’s sizes 5-1

Asics Gel-Cumulus

When it comes to shoes, there are a lot of different options on the market. But when it comes to Bunion Asics Gel-cumulus, you don’t have to look any further. 

These shoes are perfect for people with bunion pain, as they provide support and comfort.

Price: $130

Comes with foam underfoot and an improved heel fit

FF BLAST cushioning helps create a softer landing when running

Available in women’s sizes 5-12, men’s sizes 6-16; standard width

Shoes for Bunions

Brooks Running Adrenaline GTS 22

An amazing pair of shoes for bunions to help you run faster and harder, the Bunion Brooks Adrenaline Gts 22 is perfect! With a supportive fit and durable construction, these shoes will make you’re run more enjoyable and efficient.

Price: $83.20 to $256.57

100% soft DNA LOFT cushioning in the midsole boosts softness

Available in women’s sizes 5-13 and men’s sizes 7-15

Available in medium, wide, narrow and extra-wide widths

Best Women’s Shoes for Bunions

1. New Balance, Fresh Foam Roav v2

2. Hoka, Clifton 8

3. Allbirds, Women’s Wool Runner-Up Mizzles

4. Oofos, Oomg Low Eezee

5. FitFlop, Lulu Adjustable Leather Toe-Post Sandals

6. Kuru, Quantum Wide

7. Orthofeet, Coral

8. Xero Shoes, Prio Sneakers

9. Brooks, Adrenaline GTS

10. Propét, Pia Hiking Boots

Shoes for Bunions

New Balance, Fresh Foam Roav v2

These New Balance sneakers are great for everyday activities or working out. With a breathable synthetic and mesh upper and a cushioned midsole, these shoes will keep you cool and comfy all day long. Dr Lobkova says they also tend to be wider shoes, giving your feet extra room.

Hoka, Clifton 8

These lightweight running shoes have a mesh upper, protective cushion under your feet, and an extended heel crash pad, so you land softer with each step. Dr Lobkova says the shape of Hoka shoes is wider in the forefoot than in many popular sneaker brands. Models like the Clifton 8 have an engineered upper material that is soft on the skin and won’t irritate bunions. Hoka also has the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) Seal of Acceptance, which recognizes products found beneficial to foot health.

Allbirds, Women’s Wool Runner-Up Mizzles

Allbirds have soft wool uppers that are cosy on your feet and gentle on your bunions. The Runner-Up Mizzles are high tops, which makes them great for colder temps, and they also have a protective coating to make them water-repellent. They’re also good for the environment; the shoe is carbon neutral due to sustainable practices and materials.

Oofos, Oomg Low Eezee

Slip into casual comfort with these shoes. They’re made with a four-way stretch material that’s breathable and conforms to your feet, and the cushioned footbed is designed to cradle your feet and reduce stress on your joints. Dr Lobkova says these are wide and made to accommodate and stabilize the foot.

FitFlop, Lulu Adjustable Leather Toe-Post Sandals

If you’re the type who loves to wear sandals more often than not, this pair is for you. With a leather footbed and ergonomic midsoles, these FitFlop sandals are comfortable for extended periods. Dr Lobkova adds that they also have an adjustable strap, arch support, and cushioning under the forefoot.

Kuru, Quantum Wide

Shoes for Bunions

These Kuru sneakers are “extra-wide for severe bunions and weatherproof for walking in the rain/cold,” says Dr Lobkova. They’re lightweight with a breathable mesh upper, have a wide toe box, and have arch support built-in.

Orthofeet, Coral

With a stretchable upper, orthotic insole, wide toe box, and a cushioned sole, these Orthofeet shoes will comfortably support your feet and help ease any pain. Orthofeet’s shoes are biomechanically engineered for sensitive feet and come in Wide and X-Wide sizes, too.

Xero Shoes, Prio Sneakers 

Xero shoes for bunions are one of Dr Splichal’s favourite brands, and they’re made to have a natural fit, which means they enable the natural movement of your feet. They have wide toe boxes to help your toes spread out and relax and thin and flexible soles to let your feet flex and bend naturally. They’re also zero drops, with an equal amount of cushion below the toe and heel to help with better posture and balance.

Brooks, Adrenaline GTS

Soft and supportive, the Brooks Adrenaline GTS is a running shoe with the APMA Seal of Acceptance. The mesh upper keeps your feet cool, and support is built to protect your knees. The shoe comes in wide and X-Wide options.

Propét, Pia Hiking Boots

The Propét Pia provides waterproof protection, stability, and support for hikers. Available in wide sizes, the boot has a removable cushioned insole and a mesh lining.

What is Bunion (Hallux Valgus)?

A bunion forms when your big toe points outward toward your second toe. This causes a bump to appear on the inside edge of your toe. 


Wearing narrow-toed, high-heeled shoes may lead to the development of a bunion.

Living with an inflammatory disease such as osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis

Having flat feet

Living with a genetic disorder that affects bone development

Shoes for Bunions


When a bunion first begins to develop, you can do the following to care for your feet.

Wear wide-toed shoes. This often solves the problem and prevents you from needing more treatment.

Wear felt or foam pads on your foot to protect the Bunion or devices called spacers to separate the first and second toes.

Try cutting a hole in a pair of old, comfortable shoes to wear around the house.

Talk to your provider about whether you need inserts to correct flat feet.

Stretch the calf muscle of your leg to better align your feet.

Can You Prevent Bunions from Developing?

While the likelihood of developing bunions can be increased due to wearing shoes with tight toe boxes and high heels, certain individuals who never wear these types of shoes can still develop bunions due to genetics or other health conditions.

You can lower your risk of developing bunions by wearing comfortable, flat shoes that don’t squeeze your toes.


If you have Bunion, there are a few things you can do to make sure that your shoes will protect you from the pain. Shoes for Bunions are available in the market in different varieties. 

Try to buy shoes with natural dyes and materials that won’t irritate your feet, and avoid shoes with heels. 

If you do experience pain, get medical help as soon as possible.

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