Moon Boot Size Chart: How to Choose The Best?

The moon boot size chart is a guide to help you find the right style for you. We know no one-size-fits-all, So what size moon boot you should buy, but a good starting point is understanding how that size chart works. The chart is designed to help you choose the right moon boot for your specific needs. 
The size chart starts with the standard width of a single toe or your “toe cap.” This width is generally measured in inches and changes depending on the type of moon boot you purchase. 
The chart is divided into three categories: women’s, men’s, and kids’ sizes. You can find the perfect moon boot for your feet using this guide.

Why was a moon boot size chart recommended?

Most adults invest a great deal of money in their wardrobes, but as the seasons change, they discover that they do not have warm enough footwear to prevent their bones from breaking because of the cold. Despite their trendy appearance, black leather boots do not keep feet warm enough, and we may experience damaged bones because of their inability to prevent the profound chill.

Dua Lipa, V. Hudgens, Queen of Pop Madonna, and so on, have revived the notorious moon boots this season. The artists have exhibited the beloved, shoe-style moon boots on social media, indicating their love for them is readily apparent. Our store experts can assist you in selecting the appropriate style of footwear. Should you prefer to order boots this winter, we are here to help you for understanding moon boot size chart.

Size Guide

Once you wear Icon Moon Boots, you no longer have to ask yourself, “Am I wearing EU 37, 38, or 39?” You can order them in countless sizes. Pick a size larger than your normal one. 
Please select from the listings beginning with the EU 39-41 if your regular size is an EU 38.

Moon Boots: ICON – Unisex

Unit of measurement Size
EU Shoe size 35-38—- 39-41— 42-44— 45-47
UK Shoe size 2,5-5,0— 6,0-7,5—- 8,0-9,5 –10,5-12
US size Men 3,5-6,0—- 7,0-8,5 —-9,0-10,5—- 11,5-13
US size Women 4,5-7,0—- 8,0-9,5—– 10,0-11,5—- 12,5-14
Foot length (cm) 23,0 —-25,5— 27,5—- 29,5

moon boot size chart

Moon Boots: ICON LOW – Unisex

Unit of measurement Size
EU Shoe size 33-35 — 36-38 — 39-41— 42-44—-45-47
UK Shoe size 1,0-2,5— 3,5-5,0– -6,0-7,5—8,0-9,5—10,5-12,0
US size Men 2-3,5—4,5-6,7—-7,0-8,5—–9,0-10,5—11,5-13,0
US size Women 3-4,5— 5,5-7,0—-8,0-9,5—-10,0-11,5—-12,5-14,0
Foot length (cm) 22,5 —-23,0 —-25,5——27,5 ——-29,5

Moon Boots: PROTECT – Unisex

Unit of measurement Size
EU Shoe size 35.0—36.0—37.0—38.0–39.0–40.0—41.0—42.0
UK Shoe size 2,5–3,5—4.0—5.0—6.0—6,5—7,5—8.0
US size Men 3,5—4,5—5.0—6.0—7.0—7,5—-8,5—-9.0
US size Women 4,5–5,5—6.0—7.0—8.0—8,5—9,5—-10.0
Foot length (cm) 22,8—23,2—23,8—-24,4—25.0—25,7—26,4–27.0

Moon Boots: LAB69 – Unisex

Unit of measurement Size
EU Shoe size 35-38—39-41—-42-44—45-47
UK Shoe size 2,5-5,0—6,0-7,5—-8,0-9,5—-10,5-12,0
US size Men 3,5-6,0—-7,0-8,5—-9,0-10,5—–11,5-13,0
US size Women 4,5-7,0—–8,0-9,5—-10,0-11,5—–12,5-14,0
Foot length (cm) 23,0 —25,5—-27,5—–29,5

moon boot size chart

Moon Boots: MTRACK – Unisex

Unit of measurement Size
EU Shoe size 39.0—-40.0—-41.0—42.0—43.0—-44.0—45.0—46.0
UK Shoe size 6.0—6,5 —7,5—8.0—-9.0—-9,5—-10,5—-11.0
US size Men 7.0—7,5—8,5—9.0—-10.0 —10,5—11,5—-12.0
US size Women 8.0—8,5 —9,5—-10.0 —- 11.0
Foot length (cm) 25.0—25,7—26,4—27.0—27,6—-28,3—28,8— 29,5

Moon Boots: CRIB – Kids

Unit of measurement Size
EU Shoe size 17-18— 19-20—- 21-22
UK Shoe size 1,0-2,0—- 3,0-4,0—- 4,5-5,5

Moon Boots: ICON KIDS – Kids

Unit of measurement Size
EU Shoe size 19-22— 23-26— 27-30— 31-34
UK Shoe size 3,0-5,5—-6,0-8,5——9,0-11,5—–12,5-1,5
Foot length (cm) 13,0—-15,5—–19,5—–22,5

Moon Boots: PROTECT KIDS – Kids

Unit of measurement Size
EU Shoe size 25—26—27—28—29—30—31—-32—-33—-34—35—36—37—38
UK Shoe size—7,5C—8,5C—9C—-10C—11C—11,5C—12,5C—-13C—1—-1,5—-2,5—-3,5—-4—-5
US Shoe size —8,5C—-9,5C—-10C—–11C—–12C—-12,5C—-13,5C—1—-2—2,5—3,5—-4,5—-5—–6
Foot length (cm) 15,9—-16,5—-17,1—–17,7—-18,3—-18,8—-19,4—-20—-20,6—-21,2—-22,8—–23,2—–23,8—-24,4

moon boot size chart

Is this trend making a comeback?

Though you might think that the Apollo 11 moon landing resulted from man’s ambition to land on the moon, its real meaning lies in the fashionable shoes, it inspired: Moon Boot.

In 1969, we focused on Neil Armstrong’s historic first step on the moon. Then the brand founder Giancarlo Zanatta focused on anti-gravity space shoes.

Zanatta has brought a space-age aesthetic to everything from architecture and interior design to fashion. Zanatta designed the MOON BOOT, an innovative shoe for falling into snow during winter.

Tradition Tayota Silhouette Corporation (formerly Zanatta Footwear) began the Zanatta series by releasing a pair of wonderful Moon Boots in the 1970s. Visible success didn’t surface until the 1980s, but Moon Boots remained in popular demand.

The Tecnica Group sports footwear brand was founded in 1978, and the Tecnica brand was founded four years later. In 1986, over one million pairs of Tecnica boots had sold. Fifty years later, these boots are as popular as ever. The boots have had such an influential impact on culture that the Louvre has named their original incarnation of the Moon Boot one of the 100 greatest designs of the 20th century.

In the 2000s, Moon Boots were a retro-futuristic item worn by high-profile Y2K-style personalities. As the shoe’s bulky construction was ́t an impediment for wearers like Paris Hilton, pair the boots with a T-shirt or light jacket.

Model Hailey Bieber took part in the Victoria s Secret Christmas campaign by wearing flats. Also, the Physical Dua Lipa singer wore cold-weather boots outside in swimwear to celebrate the occasion, making it clear that the chrome boots deserve all the attention. In Asia, we see Lisa (BlackPink) wearing Moon Boots in the Money MV.

But tolerant of or loathing them, Moon Boots are winter 2022’s most popular accessory. A pair costs a certain amount on the Moon Boots website. As a popular brand, numerous companies have collaborated with the company on combined snowshoe merchandise. You can get a luxury version of the Fendi monogram or a pair completely covered with Swarovski crystals.

Benefits Of Moon Boots

Most people believe that moon boots are only good for keeping warm at home, but they’re also very effective in the snow. Moon boots are ideal snow boots since they have treads on the bottom that allow them to keep your feet warm even when it’s cold outside. Your feet will stay cozy even when the temperature drops because they are also very warm.


The performance of this footwear during our concluding warm-up assessments astounded us. This boot has a large polyester batt insulation which keeps our toes warm even when standing in the snow. The boot shaft is 14 inches at its top, which covers the calves with insulation, and the top lacing traps heat within it.


This new boot is exceedingly comfortable and soft, particularly in its initial state. Over time, the padding in the insole will decay. We believe the padding will gradually slacken off, despite how comfortable they are. Finding a way to distinguish your left and right soles is helpful to distinguish between your feet with the foot in the molded footbed.


The rubber sole of the Moon Boot has less pronounced tread than would be ideal for negotiating slick terrain. This model had some of the worst traction among all the products we tested. The Ahnu Northridge is a tall boot that offers good traction.

How to Choose Snow Boots?

If you plan a journey to an area with snowy and icy terrain, you should also consider preparing life jackets, thermal jackets, gloves, wool hats, scarves, and snow boots. Another good reason to wear these boots is to help you keep your feet warm, waterproof, and slip-resistant in these conditions.
People striving to keep warm in cold climates usually wear thick, furry boots. These thick, furry boots are made to wick away moisture, and rubber and oil insulation insulate the body from the cold. In snowy winters, when walking outside may be treacherous, shoes like these can help greatly.

Snow Boots

Snow Boots Ensure Comfort

Winters are very long, especially in glacial locations, so winter traveling is a lot easier if your shoes are comfy. The key to comfort is the design and material of the boots. Snowshoes with padded soles maintain your feet comfortable during long jaunts without pain or cyanosis.

Use shoes with soft soles to make your feet adapt to any terrain you’re moving to with minimal response to pressure, to your delight, and the pleasure of casual strolls in winter. Encourage you to wear thick soles shoes, and don’t go to the waters wearing stilettos. Don’t be yourself; walk easily with confidence and comfortably move at your own pace.


The moon boot size chart offers a variety of options for those who want to purchase a moon boot. The chart offers three different shoe sizes and an option for a half-size. There are also suggestions for what kind of foot you might have, based on weight and height.

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