Best Golden Goose Shoes Size Chart for 2024

Golden Goose shoes are a luxurious product found in high-end retail stores. The shoes are made of golden material and have a delicate design that makes them perfect for women of all ages. 

Women highly demand shoes because of their unique design and the quality of the materials used.

Size Info

Realizing the itemized Golden Goose size diagram and measuring guide will be useful for your next new Golden Goose buy. Continue to peruse for additional subtleties.

Give yourself a second next time you look at Instagram to consider the number of sets of these shoes you see. 

They have become such a streetwear backbone, adding character to any outfit. These shoes have ignited a little embarrassment. These celebrity-supported shoes seem worn as though they have been in your closet for a long time. 

Golden Goose Shoes Size Chart
Golden Goose Shoes Size Chart

Michelle Obama, Selena Gomez, and Megan Fox have a Moneymaker pair.

Assuming you are thinking about money management, you’re presumably curious about how they work. 

We’ll take a gander at the brand’s shoes and give a general perspective on their estimating outline so you can decide whether these Money makers fit consistently with size or, on the off chance that you want to measure down or up.


Golden Goose is an Italian shoe brand that has extended its presence from Venice to Los Angeles. For the people who don’t have any idea, Francesca Rinaldo and Alessandro Gallo established it in 2000 with a fixation close by creating troubled-looking shoes. There will be exhibits with skewed pieces, fake gouges, and, once in a while, even fake soil follows. It takes its Italian heritage and flips it. These shoes have been worn as opposed to the excellent handwork that you would anticipate from Italian shoes.

The brand’s taste depends on tracking down flawlessness in the deficient. Like the Ghoose tennis shoes, Bothered things have been moved by themselves. The shoes have imperfections, giving them an honest look that you won’t track down in a store.

It gives no indications of decreasing. With shoes being the year’s shoes, the time has come to entertain yourself with another pair and jump aboard. Seriously. You won’t be heartbroken!

Golden Goose Sneaker Size Chart for Men

The Golden Goose size conversion chart for male sneakers is given below. 

Goose US Sizes EU SizesUK SizesKorean SizeSize in cm
639525525.5 cm
740626.4 cm26.4 cm
841727027.2 cm
942827528.0 cm
1043928028.9 cm
11441028529.7 cm
12451129030.5 cm
13461230031.3 cm
Golden Goose Shoes Size Chart
Golden Goose Shoes Size Chart
Golden Goose Shoes Size Chart

Golden Goose Size Conversion Chart for Women 

Discover the table below to pick the right size for your next Golden Goose female goose.

Golden Goose US Sizes EU Sizes UK Sizes Korean Sizes in inches 
43412207.9 inches
53522258.2 inches
63632358.5 inches
73742408.8 inches
83852459.1 inches
93962559.3 inches
104072609.5 inches
114182659.9 inches
Golden Goose Shoes Size Chart

Do these Shoes Run True to Size?

You’ve chosen to purchase another set of these shoes. You are prepared to take part in the prevailing fashion and buy these exemplary brilliant tennis shoes. You may be pondering, precisely, ‘What size of shoes would it be a good idea for me to get?’

Great news. The Golden Goose shoes are commonly consistent with size. The name’s estimating is rational. In this manner, you ought to fit similar sizes in their shoes. You could likewise wear these comfortable shoes the entire day, regardless of whether you go to the central command or out somewhere else or supper with your mates.

We recommend going a regular greater if you are between sizes because Moneymaker doesn’t offer the recognized half-size other option. 

Indeed, even people with more extensive feet could typically wear their actual size in these Money maker shoes unafraid of crushing their feet.

Since Golden Goose fabricates their shoes in Italy, ensure you buy the right size assuming you buy Italian measuring. 

If you are from the Unified Realm or the US, utilize a size transformation graph to twofold check.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these Shoes comfy shoes?

Definitely, Goose Shoes are extremely comfy sneakers in the world of luxurious sneakers. For both short and long-distance strolls.

Is it simple to wash Golden Goose Shoes?

Because the Golden Goose Shoes are designed for walking, they are bound to get dirty. Overall, they are extremely long-lasting and low-maintenance.

Eliminate the orthotics and drawstrings from your Golden Goose shoes with care – inserts should not be washed. 

Place the sneakers in the washer on the mild detergent (with cold water). 

Wash the straps by hand or in a fabric bag for optimal outcomes. Eschew Dettol at any cost by using soft soapy water.

Please do not fall and clean your Golden Goose shoes; instead, air dries them. 

Replace the orthotic and laces and go about your business.

Our preferred method is to wash your shoes by hand, in a bowl containing water and gentle washing powder, using a soft brush and a wet towel.

Wear Golden Goose shoes with socks.

You are allowed to wear socks. We are, truth be told, not fashionistas, yet we pair our Main Ghoose shoes with brilliantly hued socks. What makes these shoes so marvelous is that they are satisfactory without socks!

The Primary concerns

Golden Goose Shoes Size Chart
Golden Goose Shoes Size Chart

It is an exceptional shoe brand from Italy that acquired ubiquity rapidly because of its well-used appearance. Very expensive shoes that seemed, by all accounts, to be worn? It is a phenomenal shoe brand for females, guys, and youngsters.

This measuring diagram and point-by-point purchasing guide will assist you with figuring out various sizes and picking the right size for your number one shoes.


If you’re looking for a perfect pair of shoes, then it’s worth checking out Golden Goose Shoes. You’ll not find these shoes at your local store, but they’re sure to make a statement. 

So if you’re in the market for new shoes, check out Golden Goose Shoes first!

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