Kingsley Boots Size Chart: How To Choose Horse Riding Boots

Kingsley boots are an essential piece of equipment for horse riding. These Boots are a good choice because they are lightweight and have a wide range of motion. They also provide plenty of stability for horses, making them a great investment.

How To Choose Horse-Riding Boots?

Every rider needs a decent set of riding boots. You ought to choose riding boots that are commonsense, secure, strong, and well-fitting. Something stylish is likewise an or more. 
Luckily, a few arrangements fit these necessities. Knowing what to look for will assist you with getting the best boot for your necessities.


Kingsley boots are made explicitly for riders by riders. With more than 300 distinct sorts of cowhide, a wide assortment of Swarovski precious stones, various studs, and locks in different tones, they have the most customized choices that anyone could hope to find. 

The rider may turn into his creator utilizing their 3D configurator experience. All custom boots are carefully developed with ideal materials that anyone could hope to find and made to arrange. Before claiming a few these Boots, you want to know the ideal boot estimation for your feet. We are here to help.

Kingsley Boots Size Graph

Struggle with understanding the measuring diagram? We can help. Getting your actions in CM starts things out on your rundown of activities. Your foot size is recorded in the segment beneath it. Conclude which level most intently matches your conscious level. First in the arrangement of numbers is the level. Assuming that your level is in the center, choose if the boots should be marginally taller or somewhat more limited and size up or down as needs be.

Kingsley Boots Size Chart
Kingsley Boots Size Chart

Find the calf size that matches your deliberate calf outline the nearest. The TWOND number in the rundown of numbers is the calf size. Assuming your calf size in the middle between, conclude whether you believe the boots should fit cozily or freely and size up or down as needed.

Corta = Short Height/Calf

XXS 41/30,5 41,5/31 42/31,5 42,5/32 43/32,5 43,5/33 44/33,5 44,5/34 45/34,5 45,5/35 46/35,5 46,5/36
XS 41/31,5 41,5/32 42/32,5 42,5/33 43/33,5 43,5/34 44/34,5 44,5/35 45/35,5 45,5/36 46/36,5 46,5/37
S 41/32,5 41,5/33 42/33,5 42,5/34 43/34,5 43,5/35 44/35,5 44,5/36 45/36,5 45,5/37 46/37,5 46,5/38
M 41/33,8 41,5/34,3 42/34,8 42,5/35,3 43/35,8 43,5/36,3 44/36,8 44,5/37,3 45/37,8 45,5/38,3 46/38,8 46,5/39,3
L 41/35,5 41,5/36 42/36,5 42,5/37 43/37,5 43,5/38 44/38,5 44,5/39 45/39,5 45,5/40 46/40,5 46,5/41
XL 41/37,2 41,5/37,7 42/38,2 42,5/38,7 43/39,2 43,5/39,7 44/40,2 44,5/40,7 45/41,2 45,5/41,7 46/42,2 46,5/42,7
XXL 41/38,7 41,5/39,2 42/39,7 42,5/40,2 43/40,7 43,5/41,2 44/41,7 44,5/42,2 45/42,7 45,5/43,2 46/43,7 46,5/44,2

Media Corta = Medium Short Height/Calf

XXS 43/30,5 43,5/31 44/31,5 44,5/32 45/32,5 45,5/33 46/33,5 46,5/34 47/34,5 47,5/35 48/35,5 48,5/36
XS 43/31,5 43,5/32 44/32,5 44,5/33 45/33,5 45,5/34 46/34,5 46,5/35 47/35,5 47,5/36 48/36,5 48,5/37
S 43/32,5 43,5/33 44/33,5 44,5/34 45/34,5 45,5/35 46/35,5 46,5/36 47/36,5 47,5/37 48/37,5 48,5/38
M 43/33,8 43,5/34,3 44/34,8 44,5/35,3 45/35,8 45,5/36,3 46/36,8 46,5/37,3 47/37,8 47,5/38,3 48/38,8 48,5/39,3
L 43/35,5 43,5/36 44/36,5 44,5/37 45/37,2 45,5/38 46/38,5 46,5/39 47/39,5 47,5/40 48/40,5 48,5/41
XL 43/37,2 43,5/37,7 44/38,2 44,5/38,7 45/39,2 45,5/39,7 46/40,2 46,5/40,7 47/41,2 47,5/41,7 48/42,2 48,5/42,7
XXL 43/38,7 43,5/39,2 44/39,7 44,5/40,2 45/40,7 45,5/41,2 46/41,7 46,5/42,2 47/42,7 47,5/43,2 48/43,7 48,5/44,2

Media Alta = Medium High Height/Calf

XXS 45/30,5 45,5/31 46/31,5 46,5/32 47/32,5 47,5/33 48/33,5 48,5/34 49/34,5 49,5/35 50/35,5 50,5/36
XS 45/31,5 45,5/32 46/32,5 46,5/33 47/33,5 47,5/34 48/34,5 48,5/35 49/35,5 49,5/36 50/36,5 50,5/37 
S 45/32,5 45,5/33 46/33,5 46,5/34 47/34,5 47,5/35 48/35,5 48,5/36 49/36,5 49,5/37 50/37,5 50,5/38
M 45/33,8 45,5/34,3 46/34,8 46,5/35,3 47/35,8 47,5/36,3 48/36,8 48,5/37,3 49/37,8 49,5/38,3 50/38,8 50,5/39,3 
L 45/35,5 45,5/36 46/36,5 46,5/37 47/37,5 47,5/38 48/38,5 48,5/39 49/39,5 49,5/40 50/40,5 50,5/41 
XL 45/37,2 45,5/37,7 46/38,2 46,5/38,7 47/39,2 47,5/39,7 48/40,2 48,5/40,7 49/41,2 49,5/41,7 50/42,2 50,5/42,7
XXL 45/38,7 45,5/39,2 46/39,7 46,5/40,2 47/40,7 47,5/41,2 48/41,7 48,5/42,2 49/42,7 49,5/43,2 50/43,7 50,5/44,2 

Alta = High

47/30,5 47,5/31 48/31,5 48,5/32 49/32,5 49,5/33 50/33,5 50,5/34 51/34,5 51,5/35 52/35,5 52,5/36
47/31,5 47,5/32 48/32,5 48,5/33 49/33,5 49,5/34 50/34,5 50,5/35 51/35,5 51,5/36 52/36,5 52,5/37
47/32,5 47,5/33 48/33,5 48,5/34 49/34,5 49,5/35 50/35,5 50,5/36 51/36,5 51,5/37 52/37,5 52,5/38
47/33,8 47,5/34,3 48/34,8 48,5/35,3 49/35,8 49,5/36,3 50/36,8 50,5/37,3 51/37,8 51,5/38,3 52/38,8 52,5/39,3
47/35,5 47,5/36 48/36,5 48,5/37 49/37,5 49,5/38 50/38,5 50,5/39 51/39,5 51,5/40 52/40,5 52,5/41
47/37,2 47,5/37,7 48/38,2 48,5/38,7 49/39,2 49,5/39,7 50/40,2 50,5/40,7 51/41,2 51,5/41,7 52/42,2 52,5/42,7
47/38,7 47,5/39,2 48/39,7 48,5/40,2 49/40,7 49,5/41,2 50/41,7 50,5/42,2 51/42,7 51,5/43,2 52/43,7 52,5/44,2

Strategies for Picking Horse Riding Boots

No matter your experience level with a horse or whether you are shiny new to the game, you know that specific gear is important for your experience with your horse. A lovely pair or two of horse riding boots are the first on the list of necessities, yet it may be hard to tell how to pick riding boots that are ideal for you.

Begin with the riding you do

Most experts who you counsel regarding the best method for picking riding boots will ask whether you require an enclosure or tall boots. To keep tall boots from breaking down excessively fast, the previous, which ends simply over the lower leg, should be worn with or half chaps. Except for certain youngsters’ exercises, they are not planned for show occasions. Then, at that point, there are tall boots intended for dressage, field, and other proper events. The taller level made to help and work for the rider gives them their name.

Kingsley Boots Size Chart
Kingsley Boots Size Chart

Select your tall boots cautiously.

Field, dress, and dressage are the three subcategories of tall boots. As you peruse, know about your objectives. Dress boots are for formal tracker courses, field boots are for the hunting and hopping crowd, and some bouncing and dressage boots will be solid, offer a ton of help, and conceivably incorporate a zipper. A subsequent master stressed the need to consider a cozy fit while choosing horse riding boots, adding that they shouldn’t squeeze the foot, lower leg, or calf. Why? to empower the rider to flag the horse by feeling its side fittingly.

Wearing Socks 

Do you wear a specific sort of sock while you ride? Assuming this is the case, try to put them on at whatever point you take a stab at new boots. If you wear greater socks while riding yet not while taking a stab at riding boots, you will not pick ones that fit serenely.

Continuously check 

Choosing riding boots is essential, so try to give them a shot first. Like clothing, horse riding boots are made in various sizes depending upon the maker. In one brand, you could fit a nine, while in another, you could fit a 9.5 point of fact. Tall boots ought to fall beneath the knee in new or unworn boots. New boots won’t be cozy, however, ever awkward to wear.

Zip or No Zip?

Zip boots and no zip – which group would you say you are in? It’s less complex to put on or remove a tall boot with a zipper that slides up the side, yet is this a smart thought? Enclosure boots with zippers are regularly worn, while tall boots seldom have zippers. They are placed on and taken off utilizing jacks and boot pulls. Assuming you need the most secure fit conceivable, you can pick them.

The Advantages Of Riding AHorse

Equestrianism is a creative game wherein players control a horse to move in exact and adaptable developments at their caution. This subject is viewed as a well-established movement. Horseback riding can be used in daily existence, movement, or sports contests. Bring long periods of intriguing amusement after unpleasant working hours.

Assisting individuals with drawing nearer to nature and figuring out how to cherish and focus on creatures. Advantageous for kids’ physical and mental turn of events. Youngsters figure out how to focus on and control an enormous creature and be more drenched away from the screen of the telephone or tablet. Train students to show restraint and deal with surprising circumstances while riding tranquility. Horseback riding is likewise viewed as a type of psychotherapy.
Regularly, in Nicaragua, where kids with handicaps in their legs will work on riding horses. While riding, the child will push his legs ahead, back, left, and right like strolling. From that point, further develop versatility through practice and work on fearlessness, make an association between child and creatures, and immediately incorporate into society.

Renowned as a fastidious game, it’s not the best thing in the world for everybody. Nonetheless, horseback riding immediately pulled into the consideration of many individuals. A progression of equestrian clubs was opened to carry individuals nearer to the game. If you haven’t encountered this, we should learn about the horse riding experience before you start!

Set up all Gear


The cap, the most pivotal piece of hardware for a rider, is the main thing that comes into view while thinking about riding clothing. It is the possible assurance to restrict injury, assuming that lamentable occurs. Is one more cap at any point utilized? The response is no. Will another person’s pre-owned cap be utilized? The response is no more. You can’t rest assured about the security of a non-particular cap or whether another person’s pre-owned head protector is ideal for you. Subsequently, purchase another cap of your own, appropriate for the size of your head.

Equestrian Shirt

You can pick an overcoat, a shirt, or a coat as long as these shirts guarantee adaptable development yet don’t move while moving. In chilly nations, the coat is intended to reach out at the back to keep the body warm without being hard to move. Coats can be planned with additional cushioning at the elbows and openings for better ventilation.

Riding Gloves

Cautious riders generally wear gloves, even in the blazing climate. Gloves are not exclusively to keep the hands warm yet additionally to assist with fixing the five reins. Horse riding gloves frequently have an extra layer of elastic at the contact surface to forestall the slipping of the reins causing direct injury to the skin of the hands at the contact site.

Boots and Foot Defenders

During development, your legs continually swing and scour against the seat. It is extremely simple to prompt wounds to the knee and foot skin or wear out the contact points of the jeans. Like this, a cowhide foot defender is important. Boots help the foot and lower leg, helping you keep up with their right arrangement. While riding, it’s pivotal to wear heels that are an inch high. Assuming your foot would get snared there after falling through the stirrup, you could get pulled if you tumbled off.

Riding Jeans

Horse riding pants are tight jeans, 2-3 mm thick, contingent upon the contact region; the jeans will be covered with a layer of elastic to increment sturdiness, albeit thick, yet should guarantee versatility and adaptability while moving.

Remember The Socks

Wearing socks while riding a horse will be generally excellent for keeping the feet warm. Even in a warm and damp environment, wearing socks while riding a horse is important to forestall sweat-soaked feet; you may have to change to thin and light stockings.

Know about Horse

Horses can likewise get anxious, tired, or even frightened when somebody is new to riding. To make a decent initial feeling, welcome the horse by expanding your arms, bringing the rear of your hand up for the horse to smell, and holding on until the nose contacts it. If you’re apprehensive, Horses can detect it, and they can likewise become fretful. 

While feeling apprehensive, lift your left foot into the sections, hold the two reins with your left hand, and propel yourself up with your right foot, moving as tenderly as could be expected. 
Try not to push the horse down with your hands; this might harm it. You can return your hands to the horses for balance.

Right riding stance

The right stance on a horse is to sit upright, loosen up your shoulders, hold the reins tenderly, put your feet in the sections and attempt to keep your equilibrium. 
The greater part of the horses you ride are thoroughly prepared for multi-language abilities like English and persistence. Likewise, they are prepared to figure out gesture-based communications, like the developments of the reins and the rider’s legs.

Relax when you’re simply beginning.

If you are a tenderfoot, go gradually, so the horse becomes acclimated to you sitting on its back. Try not to hold the reins excessively close; however, relax them somewhat so the horse can easily move its head. What’s more, pull the horse’s reins each time you need to take a different path.

Kingsley Boots Size Chart
Kingsley Boots Size Chart

Design & Craftsmanship

These boots is a relative newcomer to the footwear market, but they are quickly becoming known as one of the best boot makers in the business. 
Their commitment to superior design and craftsmanship has resulted in boots that look beautiful and last for years. Handcrafted from only the finest materials, These have become an instant favorite with men and women alike. 

Each pair of boots starts with a hand-cut pattern stitched together by master leather artisans who pay attention to every detail. The upper leather is carefully chosen for its quality and durability, while each sole is crafted from leather-wrapped EVA foam for optimal cushioning and traction. 
To ensure their longevity, all Kingsley Boots are double-stitched for added strength at stress points and fitted with premium steel shanks which provide arch support.

Price Point Analysis

Kingsley Boots are the latest trend in footwear that has taken the market by storm. Not only is their unique style and design highly sought after, but their price point has also been a major factor in their success. With an affordable cost for such a high-quality product, These have become one of the most popular items to purchase this season. 

A price point analysis of these Boots reveals that they offer great value for money regarding quality and affordability. The boots are made from the highest quality materials, with attention to detail paid throughout each pair. These have a wide range of quality, style, and colors, making them perfect for any occasion or look. Their prices make them accessible to everyone regardless of budget size. Therefore, customers get maximum bang for their buck due to great value at an affordable cost per pair of shoes.


  • Can I ride a pony in standard boots?
  • Your footwear is a vital piece of hardware for horseback riding, second just to a cap. Regardless of the way that you don’t expressly require riding boots, it’s significant that your shoes have a sole with some foothold, an impact point that is no less than one inch (2.5 cm), and a shut, safeguarded toe.
  • Which boots are a good idea for me to use while riding?
  • Boots should preferably have a slim, smooth-through sole no lower than 1/2 inch high. It implies that the sole ought not to be parted from heel to toe, so nothing remains to be gotten on the stirrup; in any case, the rider gambled being pulled behind because of a fall.
  • Where does Kingsley make the boots?
  • Beyond Porto, Portugal, lies a state-of-the-art office called The Kingsley Boot Lab. A gathering of master-skilled workers makes each piece of footwear we sell manually.
  • How are the Kingsley boots?
  • It is of the greatest type and finds some harmony among immovability and adaptability. It is inconceivably delicate, adjusts to your legs and feet, and is strong. For preparing and everyday wear, standard calfskin these boots are great.


Kingsley Boots offer a high-quality product for those who are looking for durable, fashionable, and comfortable footwear. The company’s commitment to using recycled materials in its production process makes them a smart choice for environmentally conscious consumers. 
These Boots provide an array of styles to fit any wardrobe preference, and the company’s lifetime warranty ensures customers can trust their purchase will last.

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