Best Heeled Shoe Boxes in 2024

Best heeled shoe boxes offer a unique design that makes them perfect for storing shoes. They are made from a sturdy material that helps to keep your shoes safe and sound. Plus, the design offers a stylish look that will enhance your look. When finding the perfect pair of shoes, many people think about what color they want them to be. However, a few other factors come into play when it comes to finding the best. For example, if you have difficult feet or you don’t like heel heights, then a box with a higher heel would be better for you. 

Basic Info

The best heeled shoe boxes are snappy and pragmatic. They have a specific energy that makes them hang out in your storeroom while giving you adequate extra room and security against those bothersome spider webs. Also, the quantity of compartments guarantees that you’ll never lose anything. Thus, these are ideal spots if you’re searching for high-heel care!

Heeled Shoe Boxes

Best Heeled Shoe Boxes

If you desire to keep your high-obeyed shoes in great shape and lessen the number of shoes that get scraped and harmed while strolling, then an obeyed shoebox is vital. These containers are uniquely planned with space for your heels, toe boxes, and extra restricted spaces. They’re accessible in various plans and sizes, as well! 

Here are some types of the best shoe box for high heels.

YITAHOME XL Shoe Storage Box

YITAHOME XL Shoe Storage Box, Set of 18 Shoe Storage Organizers...
  • Box Dimensions: Each box features dimensions of 14.1’’L x 10.9’’W x 8.2’’H; Accommodates up to US...
  • Multifunctional Use: Ideal for storing all shoe types such as sandals, running shoes, flat shoes, sneakers,...
  • Ventilation Design: The shoe box is designed to keep out dust; Ventilation holes on the back cover facilitate...

Product Features

  • ABS material is utilized to make thick plastic.
  • It’s stackable, and it’s easy to keep coordinated.
  • Its vented plan considers more proficient air dissemination.
  • ABS material is waterproof and simple to clean, and it is made of naturally harmless and dependable pitch.


Manufacturer——– YITAHOME
Material ——– ABS
 Weight —— 14.4 pounds
Sizes —— ‎14.1 x 10.9 x 8.2 inches
Client Reviews—— 4.5 out of 5 stars – 641 appraisals
Style ——- Stackable
‎Design ——— Box
Colour ——- White

Heeled Shoe Boxes
Heeled Shoe Boxes

Product Description

The YITAHOME shoe capacity coordinators are great for putting away your shoes in the littlest space conceivable. The ABS material is incredibly strong, and the pivot system can take the heaviness of bigger shoes without breaking. A couple of lightweight flip-failures or shoes with a shut toe would fit in one of the cases. In any case, they won’t fit tough climbing boots or ski boots. They can be stacked in a storage room or put perfectly on racks.

mDesign Stackable Wardrobe Plastic Capacity Canister Box

Item Elements

  • This commonsense stockpiling compartment gives more than adequate space for isolating and sorting out things.
  • Pivoted covers open rapidly, simplifying it to get what you want.
  • Made of break-safe BPA and sans chlorine plastic with a steel metal pivot.
  • Plan with a tightened profile.
  • These multipurpose stockpiling containers are great for use in any house room.


Maker —– MetroDecor
Material — Plastic
Thing Weight —- ‎0.97 Pounds
Sizes of Items —- 12.75 x 7.25 x 9 inches
Client Audits — 4.6 out of 5 stars – 1,642 evaluations
Style — Stackable
‎Design — Box
Color —– Fair

Heeled Shoe Boxes


Furnishing yourself for work, an evening out on the town, or in any event, addressing a task has never been so straightforward. This helpful canister has a lot of space to store and sort out everything from high heels and pads to shoes, wedges, boots, back-and-forth sneakers, and sports spikes. Exploit capacity containers, coordinators, stacking cubes,s and hanging rack choices for putting away sweaters, jeans, shoes, and more in your room’s storeroom. Make your room more open by utilizing mDesign’s association highlights.

IRIS USA EA-HS Shoe Storage Box

Product Features

  • Premium modern plastic is utilized in the creation of this item.
  • Hostile to the grating.
  • Delicate, dry fabrics ought to be utilized to clear off the surfaces.
  • You might find what you are looking for with a detailed view.
  • A fortified plastic conclusion framework with a velcro cross-over is utilized to close the pack’s top fold.
  • Ecologically cognizant material.

Product Details

Manufacturer —- — IRIS USA, Inc.
Material — — Plastic
Weight —- — ‎1.68 pounds
Sizes — — 13.25 x 9.75 x 9 inches
Client Reviews— — 4.7 out of 5 stars – 333 appraisals
Style — — Stackable
‎Design — — Box
Color —– Clear

Heeled Shoe Boxes
ZRSJ Waterproof Transparent Plastic Storage Box, Foldable Shoe Storage...
  • ●Easy to clean and assemble. The shoe rack ensures that your shoes are not affected by dust, dirt and odor....
  • ●Multifunctionality: not only can store shoes in the shoe rack, but also store clothes, accessories, toys,...
  • ●Comfortable feeling: This storage box is equipped with elegant paneling, which is simple and simple, but...


Numerous people would like a shoe framework since there are countless shoes and little space. It’s a significant issue when we don’t know where to store our shoes because countless sets are loaded up in one spot. Thus, we now and again require capacity canisters/boxes for our various possessions, for example, dress and shoe stockpiling boxes/sacks. All IRIS USA produces its things in the US; each piece of texture and wood is obtained or made in the US.

Whitmor Clear Vue Women’s Shoe Box


  • There is an unmistakable top that safeguards the shoe inside.
  • Put away shoes are kept in a certain plastic case that should be visible.
  • A waterproof, strong plastic plate is utilized to store shoes.
  • With the unmistakable box, it’s not difficult to see which shoes are inside.
  • A heap of them can be placed on top of one another.


Manufacturer—– Whitmor
Material—– Plastic
Thing Weight ——1 pounds
Sizes of Products ——11.75 x 7.38 x 3.75 inches
Client Reviews——— 4.4 out of 5 stars – 8,616 evaluations
Style——- Stackable
‎Design —— Box
Color ——–White

Heeled Shoe Boxes


It is an excellent technique for coordinating your shoes. Whitmor makes the containers, and they’re perfect for your storeroom. It implies that they are not difficult to assemble and are stackable. 
These appropriate shoe boxes shield your shoes from the residue, dampness, and different things. Furthermore, they can be used to store different things. Implicit vent openings ensure that what’s inside stays new. These shoeboxes can collapse when they aren’t utilized to save space. To perfect, wipe with a moist material. Then, at that point, wipe with a towel to dry.

Starogegc Hard Plastic Attractive Drop Front Shoe Stockpiling Box

Produce Highlights

  • Fits most people’s shoes and heels
  • These shoe stockpiling holders are made of top-notch PP plastic that is protected, eco-accommodating, and non-poisonous.
  • Our Starogegc shoebox with a drop cover keeps your shoes clean and looking great.
  • The shoe stockpiling box is versatile, stackable, and tough.
  • It very well may be utilized for showing and putting away things.


Manufacturer —-Starogegc
Material —-PP plastic
Thing Weight —–12.77 pounds
Sizes of Products ——‎14.2 x 11.2 x 8.2 inches
Client Reviews ——-4.4 out of 5 stars – 240 appraisals
Style ———Stackable
‎Design ——— Box
Color ———Black

Starogegc Hard Plastic Attractive Drop Front Shoe Stockpiling Box
Starogegc Hard Plastic Attractive Drop Front Shoe Stockpiling Box


This stackable shoe box might be ideal for a messy shoe stockpiling region. It tends to be utilized to store shoes as well as books, toys, and clothing. The shoebox can be put away in any area, like underneath the bed, by the entryway, restroom, or kitchen. The rigid plastic board will keep up with its shape and oppose distortion, making it seriously consoling. Every shoebox is fresh out of the box new and goes through an exhaustive review before leaving the maker.

OnDisplay Clik Stackable Interlocking Shoe Box Framework


  • Click Shoe Boxes have a limit of 15 units and can be stacked in any design.
  • The back-ventilated ABS board has air vents that permit oxygen to arrive at your shoes from the beginning.
  • The substantial ABS-outlined shoe boxes are stackable and won’t curve or break under the heaviness of the items.
  • Accessible in different varieties and sizes to oblige all kinds of people shoes.


Manufacturer—— Vandue
Material——- Plastic
 Weight ——-3.3 pounds
Sizes ——– 13.1 x 9 x 5.5 inches
Client Reviews —————-4.0 out of 5 stars – 228 evaluations
Style———- Stackable
‎Design ———-Box
Color ———–Standard Clear/Dark

OnDisplay Clik Stackable Interlocking Shoe Box Framework
OnDisplay Clik Stackable Interlocking Shoe Box Framework


From OnDisplay comes a one-of-a-kind and effective technique for shoe capacity. The OnDisplay Click Shoe Box Framework contains a strong ABS plastic edge and an adaptable polypropylene shell.
It is accessible in different varieties and fits people with any typical shoe size. Every component snaps together in no time flat. Make a stand-out shoe capacity arrangement with a progressive lock stacking framework. These multi-purpose boxes are great for expressions, artworks, scrapbooking, attire, adornments, and other home stylistic theme products. There are an unlimited number of choices.

Ohuhu Ultra large Shoe Organizer


  • These shoeboxes are sufficiently extensive to hold men’s shoes up to measure 14 and people’s high heels or tennis shoes.
  • Not helpless to imploding in that frame of mind of misfortune!
  • Ventilation openings are incorporated to forestall the gathering of scents.
  • This crate is very easy to set up!
  • The lightweight shoe stockpiling box contains a customizable convey handle for simple lifting.


Manufacturer—— Ohuhu
Material ——-Plastic
 Weight ——-7 pounds
Sizes ——- ‎‎11 x 14 x 8.3 inches
Client Reviews——– 4.4 out of 5 stars – 1,048 appraisals
Style——— Stackable
‎Design ————- Box
Color———————- White

Ohuhu Ultra large Shoe Organizer
Ohuhu Ultra large Shoe Organizer


With the Ohuhu 6-pack shoe coordinator, it isn’t easy to turn out badly while arranging and storing your shoes or other medium-sized belongings. There are various options for orchestrating your shoes or different belongings, from their immense ability to their sturdy development and capacity to be stacked. It fits all that, from running shoes and high heels to dress shoes, shoes, and shoe sizes to 14! It goes from start to finish and fits everything! In any case, don’t restrict your creative mind to only that.

SHOEPREEM Shoe Stockpiling Organizer


  • The upward framework is planned in a direct interlocking way.
  • Strong polypropylene development
  • These ventilated shoe coordinators will keep your costly footwear secure.
  • With a clear entryway and body
  • This shoe coordinator framework is versatile to different shoe sizes and shapes.


Manufacturer—————— ANZARK
Material——————- Polypropylene
Weight ——————-6.29 pounds
Sizes ——————– ‎‎14.57 x 9.84 x 7.34 inches
Reviews ———————-4.5 out of 5 stars – 1,115 evaluations
Style——————— Stackable
‎Design ——————– Box
Color ———————-Black

SHOEPREEM Shoe Stockpiling Organizer
SHOEPREEM Shoe Stockpiling Organizer
Shoe Racks for Closet Space Saver - 4pcs Closet Shoe Rack Floor Shoe...
  • High Quality Shoe Slot Organizer: This closet shoe organizer floor rack is made of durable, sturdy and premium...
  • Space Saver Closet Racks: The shoe shelf organizer for closet will help you to save extra space and make your...
  • Easy to Use Shoe Organizer Rack: These shoe racks for floor allow you to easily put shoes in and out and one...


Shoepreem shoe compartments were made to oblige bigger shoes and tennis shoes. Contrasted with practically identical items available, boxes are remotely 14.6 inches long. Inside 13.7 crawls long, this shoe coordinator framework obliges shoes of all sizes and shapes, including high tops, boots, and spiked heels. Whether a man or a lady, a sneakerhead or a fashionista, these reasonable shoe coordinators are the ideal answer for your shoe stockpiling needs.

Pinkpum 12-Pack Shoe Storage Boxes

Produce Elements

  • Clear shoe boxes that can be stacked.
  • The shoe box fits a size 11.
  • Strong plastic was utilized to make this thing.
  • Ideal for taking care of your shoes.
  • The plan is straightforward, and the capacity is simple.


Manufacturer Pinkpum
Material Plastic
Thing Weight 6.38 pounds
Sizes of Products ‎15.27 x 13.66 x 5.2 inches
Client Reviews 4.3 out of 5 stars – 2,268 evaluations
Style Stackable
‎Design Box
Color White

Pinkpum 12-Pack Shoe Storage Boxes
Pinkpum 12-Pack Shoe Storage Boxes


It is possible that you are uncertain whether the shoe stockpiling boxes will be sufficient for your shoes. Talk with an expert. These medium-sized shoe boxes can be utilized to store an assortment of footwear things like pads, shoes, goes back and forth, shoes, wedges, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. These shoe coordinator boxes are fabulous for keeping your shoes organized in a little space.

HPST Shoes Coordinator for Storeroom


  • It includes a snap-tight fasten plan that empowers easy stacking of the containers.
  • A straightforward front entryway simplifies it to find and snatch the pair you require!
  • Moreover, you can store shoes with a 9-inch heel, pads, back peddle, shoes, and wedges.
  • These unmistakable shoe confines are accessible in seven tempting tones.


Manufacturer ———————‎HPST
Material ——————–Plastic
Weight ——————8.28 pounds
Sizes————— ‎‎14.9 x 14.4 x 7.4 inches
Client Reviews —————–4.3 out of 5 stars – 172 appraisals
Style—————– Stackable
‎Design ————- Box
Color ————-White

HPST Shoes Coordinator for Storeroom
HPST Shoes Coordinator for Storeroom


Because of Home Ace Shop’s stackable shoe stockpiling boxes, shoe mess is not a wellspring of concern at this point. Utilizing this 12-piece shoe coordinator set will permit you to boost your extra room. However, it will likewise assist with shielding your shoes from dust and other undesired soil.
 It is feasible to oblige different footwear styles to estimate 9 for men and 10 for ladies in every shoebox, which measure L13.19 x W9 x H5.6 inches.


Heeled shoe boxes are another way to add detail and shine to your shoes. By adding a little bit of colours and flair, you can make your shoes stand out from the rest. These can also be used as a storage box or a place to put your new shoes when you get them.

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