Best Tango Dance Shoes of 2024

Tango dance Shoes is a popular dance that is often danced in shoes. These shoes help with dancing and make it easier to move around. Many different types of shoes are available, so it is important to find the right one. In 2022, there are many new and exciting Tango Shoes on the market. Some of these shoes are designed specifically for Tango Dancing, while others are good all-around shoes.

How To Choose The Best?

There are a variety of dance shoes to choose from when it comes to Tango dancing. Some people prefer open-toed shoes, while others prefer closed-toe shoes. There are also different widths and types of soles for different types of dance floors. However, the most important factor when choosing a dance shoe is comfort. A good pair of dance shoes should be comfortable and support your feet and ankles.

Tango dance Shoes

It Should Have Leather Or Suede Sole

Tango dancing shoes are becoming more popular due to their comfort, style, and durability. The leather or suede sole is a popular option for these shoes because of the natural wear and tear that occurs with dancing. If you don’t have a favourite type of shoe, it’s time to start thinking about which type of soles would be the best for you.

It Should Have a Soft Lining

According to some dancers, the soft lining of Tango Dance Shoes can add comfort and help with your dancing. The lining usually has a fabric that is machine-washable and snag-resistant. It also helps keep your feet warm during long dances.

It Should Have a Thin, Flexible Sole

Dance Shoes are an important part of any dance routine. They help to keep your feet moving and provide stability during the dance. However, some dancers avoid wearing thick, rigid soles, while others find them helpful in keeping their feet moving and providing stability during the dance. If you are considering purchasing a new dance shoe, it is important to consider the thin, flexible sole. A thin, flexible sole can provide better comfort and stability when dancing.

Tango dance Shoes

It Needs A Heel

Dance shoe companies are always looking for new ways to keep their shoes fresh and stylish, including adding heel designs. Tango Dance has been incorporating heel designs into their shoes for some time now, but they needed help ensuring the design was both effective and flattering. 

Tango Dance partnered with a professional heel designer to ensure their dancers had versatile and stylish shoes. The team created an elegant and eye-catching design for the dance industry. The new design is known as the “Tango Heat” shoe, which features a bright red sole and an intricate heel detail. It’s perfect for any dancer who wants an edge on their competition.

It Needs A Secure Fit

People who enjoy tango dancing often must remember to take care of their feet. If you are one of these people, you must buy a new pair of shoes every month. A dance shoe is a type of footwear that helps protect your feet from damage during a dance class or performance. Unfortunately, many people need to take the time to secure their shoes properly, which can damage them in the long run. If you are an experienced tango dancer and have never been injured while performing, you must buy quality Dance Shoes that fit snugly and ensure your safety. Some Types of Tango Shoes are discussed below.

Mythique Lilit

Handcrafted in Argentina, these Lilit tango shoes from Mythique are perfect for beginners and tango pros alike. 
They feature a leather sole with a soft suede upper and are slightly padded to ensure excellent comfort and fit. 
The Lilit has a partially open heel cage for that more elegant look while still providing the foot protection that comes with a full heel cage.

Mythique Livia

The simple look of the Livia tango shoe presents a bold statement about your dance, speaking to the authentic Argentine tango traditions from the streets of Bunes Aires. Handmade in Argentina, the Livia is crafted from soft, durable leather with excellent stability from all angles across the foot and ankle.

Tango dance Shoes

The fully enclosed upper provides good foot protection, especially for beginners and those with less experienced partners who might tend to step on your toes. 
The wide but still high heel is a good choice for beginning dancers who want to start dancing in high heels but still have the foot protection of a full shoe before moving onto something more strappy.

VFS Party Series

For the boys looking for a good pair of men’s tango shoes, these Party Series from VFS are a fine choice. 
Not only do these shoes look fantastic and provide the real flare that a tango dance inspires, but they’re also built with all of the features that define an excellent pair of tango shoes. 
They are all leather, with a suede sole and a cushioned insole for comfort. They’re very versatile and are good for ballroom, standard or smooth dancing. If you wear these, you’ll surely receive compliments on your style!

Mythique Scarlett

Another fine women’s tango shoe from Mythique, the Scarlett features a vibrant red and black suede and patent leather upper and leather sole. 
The closed-toe and enclosed heel cage provide excellent foot protection, and the T-bar strap design provides a secure and flexible fit while still delivering an elegant shoe.

Like all Mythique shoes, the Scarlett is handmade in Argentina and can be customized to suit your specific tango shoe needs.


As you can see, there are many things to remember when buying your tango dance shoes. Everything matters when it comes to dancing tango, from the flexible sole to the soft lining.

With everything, this dance offers for both your body and your soul, fitting the right pair of tango shoes is an absolute must for any tango dancer. From beginner to professional men and women, the best tango shoes are easy to find. Now you know what to look for when buying your tango shoes!

This guide will help you choose your best pair.

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