Squishmallow Size Chart: 6 Famous Squishmallow Squads

If you love all things cute and cuddly, you’ve heard Size of Squishmallows. With so many different Squishmallow sizes options available, it can be hard to know which one Squishmallow sizes is right for you. That’s where the Squishmallow Size Chart comes in. Here we’ll take a closer look at six famous Squishmallow squads and break down the sizes available for each one. 

Squishmallow Size Chart

The best thing about Squishmallows is that they come in various sizes to accommodate different preferences. The smallest Squishmallows size is the clip-on version, which is 3.5 inches in diameter. It makes it ideal for attaching to backpacks or hanging from keychains. For those who prefer a more significant huggable friend, Squishmallow offers sizes ranging from 5 inches to a massive 24 inches! Each size has a unique design and personality, making finding one that matches your style effortless. These plushies are made with polyester fibers both inside and out, giving them their signature fluffy texture that feels like marshmallows.

Squishmallow Size Chart
SizingHeight (inches)Height (cm)
Clip-on Size (Smallest Squishmallow Size)3.5-inch size8.89
Small5-inch size12.70
Small6-inch size15.24
Small7-inch size17.78
Small7.5-inch size19.05
Small8-inch size20.32
Small10-inch size25.40
Medium12-inch size30.48
Medium13-inch size33.02
Large14-inch size35.56
Large16-inch size40.64
Large20-inch size50.80
Extra Large (Biggest Squishmallow Size)24-inch size60.96

How to Take Care of Your Squishmallow?

Taking care of them is essential to maintain their quality and longevity. Just like any other companion you might have at home, Squishmallows require attention and care to keep them in good condition for a long time. The good news is that caring for your Squishmallow isn’t complicated. Kellytoy, the company that created Squishmallows, recommends some basic steps to ensure your toy stays clean and fluffy. 

  • If you’re worried about minor stains on your Squishmallow, there’s no need to fret! You can easily remove them with a stain remover pen or a damp wipe. Just spot-clean the affected area rather than washing the entire toy unless necessary. 
  • If you want to keep your Squishmallow clean, knowing the right way to wash it is essential. While washing them with regular laundry might seem like a good idea, it can damage the toy’s delicate material.
  • It’s important to note that these toys are made of soft polyester fibers that can easily get damaged if not handled carefully during washing. Washing them with harsh detergents or hot water can cause them to lose shape and become lumpy.
  • Squishmallow doesn’t get damaged during wash time; it is recommended that only cold water be used. It will help prevent any color fading or shrinkage from occurring. Make sure to choose a gentle cycle to avoid damaging the fabric or stuffing inside. After washing your Squishmallow, it’s also essential to take proper care when drying it.
  • It’s important to remember that they can lose their shape after being washed and dried. Start by gently pressing down on the areas where the stuffing has shifted or compressed. 

Famous Squishmallow Squads

Squishmallows have taken the world by storm and for good reason. These plush animals, fruits, and personalities are not just any ordinary stuffed toys; they come with unique names and personality that makes them all the more lovable to Generation Z. The comfort that these squishy creatures provide has been especially important during the epidemic that has plagued us in the last year. With many people feeling isolated and alone during quarantine, Squishmallows provided a much-needed source of comfort. The popularity of Squishmallows is evident on social media platforms like Instagram, where fans and collectors share photos and videos of their favorite Squishies. Dubbed “Famous Squishmallow Squads,” these accounts showcase the varieties of Squishmallows available, from unicorns to llamas to avocados!

Squishmallow Size Chart

Leopard Squad

 The Leopard Squad is not just your typical team of stuffed animals. These Squishmallows have gained significant online video coverage and for a good reason. With their unique spots outlined in green, blue, or gray and sparkling inner ears, they are a crowd-pleaser for people of all ages. Not only are they visually appealing, but each member has a personality that makes them stand out. One standout member of the Leopard Squad is Liv. This ambitious Squishmallow dreams of creating rocket ships when she grows up. Her determination and drive to pursue such an unconventional career inspire children and adults alike. Liv’s story is just one example of this group’s many tales, captivating readers with their creativity and innovation.

Bird Squad 

The Bird Squad is a group of lovable Squishmallows that has captured the hearts of children and adults alike. These five unique birds come in different sizes, colors, and forms. One squad member is Priscilla, a blue peacock with an adventurous spirit and a heart for helping others.

Priscilla is always eager to lend a hand to her fellow Squishmallows whenever they need it. She loves exploring new experiences with her close pals and discovering all the world offers. Whether trying fresh foods or visiting new places, Priscilla is always up for an adventure.

Despite her outgoing nature, Priscilla also knows when to relax and unwind. She enjoys quiet moments with her friends where they can enjoy each other’s company without distractions or worries.

Cow Squad 

The Cow Squishmallows is the latest addition to the collection of squishy plush animals manufactured by the Kellytoy Company. These adorable, fluffy toys come in three hues that complement each other perfectly, making them an ideal gift for animal lovers of all ages. The soft and huggable texture of these Squishmallows is what makes them unique. They offer comfort and companionship, especially when you need to cuddle something soft.

Measuring 12 inches tall, these Cow Squad Squishmallows are perfect for children and adults who love collecting plush toys. You can keep them on your bed or couch as a decorative piece or pillow while sleeping. Their charming design and delightful colors make them an excellent gift for friends or loved ones on any occasion.

Fruit Squad 

Maui the Pineapple, Phyllis the Peach, and Wanda the Watermelon are three of the most beloved members of Squishmallows’ Fruit Squad. These adorable plushies are perfect for anyone who loves some fruity fun. Each member of the Fruit Squad measures just 2 inches in size, making them ideal for travel or as a cute addition to any collection.

What sets these Squishmallows apart from other plush toys is their high-quality construction. Made from soft and durable fabrics and stuffed with premium materials, each Fruit Squad member is designed to be cuddly and enjoyable. Whether you’re looking for a sweet gift for someone special or want to add some color and charm to your home decor, Maui, Phyllis, and Wanda are sure to delight. So why not join the Fruit Squad today?

Pig Squad 

The Pig Squad is the latest must-have addition to their collection. Available in various patterns, these ultra-soft plush toys are made with high-quality material perfect for cuddling or displaying on a shelf. The Pig Squad boasts unique features such as areas of a light purple color, curled ears, and round black eyes that make them stand out from other Squishmallows.

With so many different designs available, it’s easy for fans to find a pig that suits their personality or style preference. Some of the most popular designs include polka dots, stripes, and floral prints, which appeal to children and adults alike. The versatility of the Pig Squad means they can be enjoyed by anyone who loves cute and cuddly plush toys.

If you want to add fun and adorable pieces to your collection, the Pig Squad is worth checking out.

Frog Squad 

Frog Squad is the perfect addition to your ever-growing collection! These adorable squishy plush toys have become quite popular among toy enthusiasts, with many people sharing pictures and videos of themselves posing with their favorite Frog Squad member on social media.

With a variety of characters to choose from, including Baratelli, Fanina, Robert, Ludwig, Philippine, Alandy, and Wendy – there will surely be a Frog Squad member that appeals to everyone. Each character has a unique color scheme, and the backstory makes them stand out from other plush toys in the market.

These Squishmallows are cute, incredibly soft, and huggable. You can snuggle up with your favorite Frog Squad member whenever you need comfort or use them as decorative pieces for your room.

Squishmallow Size Chart

5 Benefits of Stuffed Animals with Children 

Stuffed animals have always been beloved toys for children, bringing comfort and joy into their lives. There are numerous benefits to having stuffed animals as part of your child’s collection.

1. Stuffed animals teach children to play by themselves 

Playing with stuffed animals can be an effective tool in helping children develop independence and reduce stress levels. Studies have shown that playing with these toys can help regulate blood pressure and stimulate the production of endorphin hormones in children. These hormones bring joy, love of life, confidence, full vitality, and creativity stimulation. All these benefits make it easy for your child to learn to play independently as they age.

2. Let your baby learn new skills on his own

 Stuffed animals can help children learn new skills by associating certain actions with specific toys. For instance, when parents ask their children to brush their teeth or get dressed, they can use the stuffed animal to demonstrate how it’s done. By doing so, the child will absorb the steps more efficiently and develop a better understanding of each task using visual aids. Additionally, playing with stuffed friends is an excellent way for kids to explore imaginative play while learning essential life lessons such as sharing and caring for others.

3. Stuffed animals teach children how to express their feelings

It’s no secret that 2-3-year-olds can be challenging to handle at times. They are prone to frustration when things don’t go their way and often lash out in anger because they don’t yet understand how to control these negative emotions. As a parent, it’s your job to help your child navigate these tricky waters and learn how to manage their feelings. One proven effective technique is re-enacting moments of stress or anxiety at home with the help of stuffed animals. For example, if your child cries every time they have to leave you or go to kindergarten, take a teddy bear and pretend it’s going to daycare too. 

4. Stuffed animals help children gain confidence

Children can practice different scenarios and circumstances by playing with stuffed animals in the real world. For instance, parents can teach their baby how to put their stuffed animal to sleep by tucking it into bed, singing lullabies, or even cuddling it. It helps the child develop an emotional bond with their toy and teaches them valuable skills such as empathy and responsibility. Similarly, when a child does something wrong, parents can use the stuffed animal to demonstrate appropriate behavior by putting their face against the wall or apologizing for mistakes.

 5. Stuffed animals help children easily integrate into society

Stuffed animals give your baby a chance to practice social skills that are essential for their development. These furry friends can become the perfect companions to teach your child valuable lessons on interacting with others. You can create scenarios that simulate real-life situations using stuffed animals as props. As they pass around cake plates, explain that everyone should have a share so that nobody feels left out or upset. It will help them understand the importance of fairness and empathy towards others. Integrating these activities into their playtime sets the foundation for your child’s ability to integrate into society easily. Using stuffed animals as teaching tools help develop social skills and encourages children’s imagination and creativity.

How To Choose a Stuffed Animal?

One of the most significant considerations when shopping for stuffed animals is safety. Some cheaper toys may contain harmful chemicals or small parts that could pose a choking hazard to young children. It’s essential to do your research and choose toys that meet current safety standards. There are several factors that you need to consider. 

Choose the size of the stuffed animal according to your preference.

Some children prefer large stuffed animals they can hug and cuddle with when going to sleep, while others prefer smaller ones that they can display on a cabinet or table. It’s essential to consider your child’s preference when selecting the size of the stuffed animal. It’s also necessary to ensure the stuffed animal is safe for your child. Only purchase large enough products so that if your baby accidentally swallows them during playtime, they won’t cause any harm. 

Selection of fabric material for stuffed animals

The fabric that covers the stuffed animal is essential as this part most comes in contact with the user. To ensure maximum comfort, you should choose a fabric material that is soft, smooth, and cool to the touch. Babies love snuggling up with their toys, so having a plush toy that feels good against their skin can be highly soothing. You must also consider if your child has any allergies to feathers or dust.

Consider the softness of the stuffed cotton.

An essential factor to consider is the softness of the stuffed cotton. While materials like plastic or nylon may offer a degree of flexibility that makes them easier to hold, they can’t match the comfort and coziness of using high-quality cotton wool. Of course, this level of quality does come at a cost – both in terms of weight (cotton is heavier) and price (cotton is more expensive). 

Funny design

Funny designs can be particularly beneficial when selecting a stuffed animal for your baby. For example, toys featuring contrasting colors and patterns can help stimulate their eyesight by drawing their attention to different visual cues. Playful designs with silly expressions or exaggerated features can encourage babies to explore new textures and shapes as they interact with the toy. Alongside being entertaining and educational, stuffed animals offer comfort and security for infants. Soft fabrics and cuddly textures provide a soothing presence during naptime or playtime alike.


The Squishmallow Size Chart is an essential tool for any Squishmallow lover. Whether you’re looking to add to your collection or choose the perfect Squishmallows sizes for a gift, this chart makes it easy to find precisely what you want. With so many different sizes available, there’s a Squishmallow perfect for everyone. So if you haven’t already, check out the Squishmallows Sizes Chart and explore all the available options. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the right Squishmallow size for my needs?

The size of a Squishmallow will vary depending on your weight, height, and age. We recommend starting with the smallest size Squishmallow that will still comfortably fit in your hand. 

What’s the difference between a Squishmallow and a Snickers?

Squishmallow is a type of candy that is made from marshmallows and chocolate. Snickers is a type of candy that is made from peanuts and chocolate.