Hey Dude Shoe Size Chart: How Comfortable Are Hey Dude Shoes?

We all know the frustration of shopping for shoes and not knowing what size to get. It can be tricky, especially when trying to find new styles or sizes that are different from what we normally wear. If you’re looking for help with sizing, look no further – the Hey Dude Shoe Size Chart has you covered! This comprehensive chart offers detailed sizing information on various footwear styles and brands so that you can find the right fit in no time.

Hey Dude Shoe Size Chart for Women

Hey, Dude Shoes is excited to launch its new size chart for women’s shoes! This chart makes it incredibly easy to find the perfect pair of shoes that fits correctly and comfortably on every foot. 

Women can now quickly determine their shoe size by measuring their feet in either centimeters or inches and then referring to the Hey Dude Women’s Shoe Size Chart. The Hey Dude Women’s Shoe Size Chart also displays a range of sizes for each length measurement, making it easier for women to find the right pair of shoes. 

Hey Dude Shoe Size Chart

The chart offers sizes from Euro 36 (or US 4) up to Euro 44 (or US 12), ensuring that no matter what size you need, Hey Dude has something perfect just for you! With this helpful tool, women everywhere can get fashionable and comfortable footwear without worrying about fit issues.

Heel-toe measurement USWomen’sEU – Women’s
8 3/8″W435
8 5/8″W536
9 3/8″W738
9 5/8″W839
10 3/8″W1041
10 5/8″W1142

Hey Dude Shoe Size Chart For Men

Hey, Dude Shoes are a unique and comfortable shoe brand that has been gaining popularity among men of all ages. From casual streetwear to formal occasions, Hey Dude Shoes offers a wide selection of sizes and styles to suit any fashion sense. 

To help make finding the right fit easier, here is a comprehensive size chart for men’s shoes from Hey Dude. This chart covers measurements in US and UK sizing so that customers can easily find their perfect pair no matter where they live or what type of shoe they’re looking for. Customers should measure length and width before selecting their size from the table below. 

Hey Dude Shoe Size Chart for men

Each style has specific instructions on measuring accurately for the best possible fit. With this helpful guide, customers can be sure their new Hey Dude Shoes will look great and feel even better!

Heel-toe measurementUS – MensEU – Mens
9 3/8″M538
9 5/8″M639
10″ M740
10 3/8″M841
10 5/8″M942
11 3/8″M1144
11 5/8″M1245
12 3/8″ M1447
12 5/8″M1548
13 5/8″M1750

 Chart for Youth and Toddlers

Hey Dude Shoes are the perfect combination of comfort and style, offering a wide range of sizes for young boys and girls. Whether you’re shopping for your toddler or pre-teen, Hey Dude Shoes have the perfect fit. 

To ensure your child gets the most out of their Hey Dudes, here is a comprehensive shoe size chart for all ages.The chart starts with infant sizes starting at 3C and goes up to big kid sizes in 7Y; it allows you to find the exact size needed for each age range, from newborns to middle schoolers. 

Hey Dude Shoe Size Chart for toddlers

This sizing guide also offers helpful tips on measuring feet correctly and accurately so you can always get a perfect fit every time. With this handy guide, finding kids’ shoes made with quality materials has never been easier!

Toddlers Shoe Size Chart

Heel-toe measurement USToddlersEU – Toddlers
4 7/8″TD522
5 1/8″TD623
5 1/2″TD724-25
5 7/8″TD826
6 1/8″TD927
6 1/2″TD1028
6 7/8″TD1129-30

Youth Shoe Size Chart

Heel-toe measurementUS – YouthEU – Youth
6 7/8″TD1129-30
7 1/8″TD1231
7 1/2″TD1332
7 7/8″YT133-34
8 1/8″YT235
8 1/2″YT336
8 7/8″YT437
9 1/8″YT538

 Hey Dude Shoe Maintenance

Maintaining your shoes is important to keep them looking good, feeling comfortable, and lasting longer. Hey Dude shoes are no exception – with a few simple steps, you can help keep your Hey Dudes in great shape! 

First off, make sure you are cleaning your shoes regularly. A damp cloth or brush should remove dirt and debris from the shoe’s surface. Taking extra care around the stitching will help preserve its integrity over time. 

Hey Dude Shoe Size Chart

If necessary, use a mild detergent to remove any tough stains – but don’t forget to rinse any soap residue with clean water when you’re done. If your Hey Dudes have gotten wet, it’s a good idea to stuff them with newspaper or paper towels overnight – this will help absorb excess moisture and prevent any bad odors from setting in.


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How Comfortable Are Hey Dude Shoes?

Hey Dude shoes are quickly becoming one of the most popular shoe brands. But what makes them stand out from the competition? Are they as comfortable as everyone claims? 

Upon first impression, Hey Dude shoes look like a typical pair of canvas sneakers. They feature lightweight construction and breathable fabric, perfect for warm-weather wear. 

But when you put them on your feet, you can immediately feel the difference differentiating Hey Dude shoes from other brands. The shoes have extra cushioning in the soles, adding to their comfort level while allowing maximum flexibility and support. 

The variety of styles available with Hey Dude shoes makes them attractive for those looking to express their style without sacrificing comfort. From classic high-tops to low-cut slip-ons, there is a style for every occasion and taste preference.


The Hey Dude Shoe Size Chart is a great tool to help find the perfect size shoe for any given foot. With a few simple measurements and mouse clicks, anyone can have their exact shoe size at their fingertips. This user-friendly guide removes the guesswork from buying footwear and makes it easy to get the right fit. This chart is free online and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.


Where can I find the Hey Dude Shoe Size Chart?

You can find that chart on the official Hey Dude Shoes website. The size chart is located on the product page for each shoe style. 
Select your style and scroll to the “Size Chart” section. You can view a full-size chart with US, UK, European, and Japanese sizes. 

What is the return policy?

Some stores offer extended return policies for products such as electronics or furniture. For example, some stores may offer up to 90 days for returns on certain items. Before purchasing, it is important to check with your local store for their specific return policy. 

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