Bowling Shoe Size Chart: How To Choose Bowling Shoes ?

If you’re looking for the perfect pair of bowling shoes, look no further than a bowling shoe size chart. Before purchasing a pair of shoes, it is essential to understand the basics of selecting the right size for your feet. Knowing your foot measurements and the different types of footwear available are critical factors in determining your ideal size.

International Bowling Shoe Size Chart

Bowlers on any level need to wear the proper fitting footwear. An ill-fitting bowling shoe can cause blisters and discomfort and affect your performance. An international bowling shoe measurement conversion chart is an excellent tool for finding the right size of bowling shoes in whatever country you’re in. This chart is designed to give bowlers accurate measurements and conversions from different countries.

Bowling Shoe Size Chart

The chart has been updated to include more than 40 countries worldwide and offers information about men’s and women’s sizes. For example, if you are looking for a woman’s U.S. size 6 in Italy, you can easily convert it by referencing the chart, which shows that Italian sizing would be 37.

UK      Euro     Men’s        Women’s
1.0---- 34.0 ----2.0     ---- 4.0
1.5 ----34.5 ----2.5     ---- 4.5
2.5---- 35.0 ----3.0     ---- 5.0
3.0---- 35.5 ----3.5     ---- 5.5
3.5---- 36.0 ----4.0     ---- 6.0
4.0---- 36.5 ----4.5     ---- 6.5
4.5---- 37.0 ----5.0     ---- 7.0
5.0---- 38.0 ----5.5     ---- 7.5
5.5---- 39.0 ----6.0     ---- 8.0
6.0---- 39.5 ----6.5     ---- 8.5
6.5---- 40.0 ----7.0     ---- 9.0
7.0---- 41.0 ----7.5     ---- 9.5
7.5---- 0.5 ----- 8.0    ---- 10.0
8.0---- 42.0 ----8.5     ---- 10.5
8.5---- 43.0 ----9.0     ---- 11.0
9.0---- 43.5 ----9.5     ---- 11.5
9.5---- 44.0 ----10.0    ---- 12.0
10.0--- 44.5---- 10.5    ---- 12.5
10.5--- 45.0 ----11.0    ---- 13.0
11.0--- 46.0 ----11.5    ---- 13.5
11.5--- 46.5 ----12.0    ---- 14.0

Bowling Shoe Size Chart for Women

Bowling is a fun and accessible sport that anyone can enjoy—but to bowl at your best, you’ll need the right gear. Women’s bowling shoes are essential to any bowler’s wardrobe, but finding the right size can be tricky. Luckily, a helpful bowling shoe size chart for women ensures you get the perfect fit.

This size chart includes measurements for US and UK women’s sizes in a convenient format that easily matches your foot length with your ideal shoe size. The chart also provides information about the width, and the type of shoes best fit each size. With this guide in hand, ladies’ bowlers can easily find the perfect pair of shoes so they can focus on enjoying their time on the lanes!

Bowling Shoe Size Chart

Inches——Size (USA)—–Narrow Width—-Medium—-Wide —Extra 

8.69——- 5.00—— 2.81————- 3.19 —–3.56 —–3.94

8.81—— 5.50 ———-2.88 ———-3.25——3.63— 4.00

9.00——- 6.00 ———2.94 ————–3.31 ——3.69—–4.06

9.19——- 6.50———3.00 ————–3.38 ——-3.75—-4.13

9.31——- 7.00 ——–3.06 ————–3.44—– 3.81 ——4.19

9.50 ———7.50 ——–3.13 ————-3.50 —–3.88——-4.25

9.69 ———8.00 ——–3.19 ————-3.56 ——3.94——-4.31

9.81 ———8.50 ——–3.25 ————-3.63 ——4.00——-4.38

10.00 —-9.00 ——–3.31 ————–3.69 ——4.06——-4.44

10.19 —-9.50 ——–3.38 ————-3.75 ——4.13——4.50

10.31 —-10.00 —3.44 ————3.81 ——4.19——-4.56

10.50 —-10.50 —-3.50 ————-3.88 —-4.25 ——-4.63

10.69 —-11.00 ——-3.56 ————-3.94 ——4.31——-4.69

10.81 —-11.50 ——–3.63 ————-4.00 —–4.31——-4.75

11.00 —-12.00– —3.69 ————-4.06 —-4.44 ——4.81

Why Is It Necessary To Wear Bowling Shoes?

Bowling is a beloved pastime that has been enjoyed by millions all around the world. If you want to get serious about this sport, then it’s essential to understand why bowling shoes are so important. 

When you go bowling in most places, they will provide you with all the necessary equipment, including rental shoes. Any old shoe is good enough for an activity where you don’t even have to leave your seat, but critical reasons make wearing proper bowling shoes essential. 

Unlike regular sneakers, which can be slippery on lanes and cause instability when throwing, genuine bowling shoes have smooth soles made from rubber or leather. It ensures accuracy and control when throwing a ball down the lane for better scores and more fun.

How To Choose Bowling Shoes?

Regarding bowling, having the right shoes can make a big difference in your performance. Not only are they necessary for safety, but the right pair of bowling shoes can also help improve your technique and accuracy. So how do you choose the best bowling shoes? 

First, you’ll want to consider your foot size and shape. Make sure that whatever pair of shoes you select fits well on both feet and is comfortable enough to last through an entire game.

It would help to remember that different materials can be better suited for certain types of lanes and surfaces. For example, some surfaces may require non-marking soles while others require grip or slip-resistant soles. 

The design of your shoe should be taken into consideration as well.

The importance of choosing bowling shoes

Bowling is a sport that requires the proper equipment to ensure a successful outcome. It includes the right bowling shoes. Bowling shoes are necessary equipment that can make or break your game. 

The right bowling shoe will provide slip resistance, balance and stability on the lane, support for your feet and ankles, and better traction when throwing your ball down the lane. TheseThese elements are necessary to avoid slipping on the lane or having difficulty accurately releasing your ball. The wrong pair of shoes can cause more harm than good to your bowling game, so it’s essential to make sure you choose wisely when selecting your footwear. 

Bowling Shoe Size Chart

When searching for the perfect pair of bowling shoes, there are many factors to consider, such as size and shape, the material used in construction, and even style.

Shoes with two sliding soles

Shoes with two sliding soles are revolutionizing the footwear industry. These shoes come equipped with an innovative sole that can be adjusted in two ways, allowing wearers to customize their stride and fit their individual needs. The dual sliding sole technology provides cushioning and support while providing additional stability and flexibility.

The two-sliding sole concept is designed to provide maximum comfort and performance. The flexible soles allow for a more natural walking motion, which can help reduce fatigue and improve overall foot health. Additionally, the flexible design allows for a better fit as it molds around your feet for optimal comfort. This technology also helps prevent foot fatigue by evenly distributing pressure throughout the footbed. 

These shoes are ideal for athletes looking to enhance their performance or anyone seeking increased comfort in their everyday footwear.

Shoes with one slip sole and one grip sole

Shoes with one slip sole and one grip sole are perfect for any athlete. Whether running cross country or doing a HIIT workout, these shoes will keep you going strong without worrying about slipping or sliding. Their custom-designed dual texture outsoles give you optimal balance and traction no matter what type of surface you’re running on. 

The unique design allows your foot to move naturally while providing firm support when needed. Plus, they come in various styles and colors, so finding the right shoes for your needs and taste is easy. So whether you like maximum cushioning or lightweight flexibility, there’s something for everyone!


It is important to remember that the bowling shoe size chart is a handy tool for finding the perfect fit. Not only does this chart help bowlers find their exact size, but it also considers widths and other factors. Bowling shoes should be comfortable and properly fitted to improve your game and protect your feet. With this guide, you will find the perfect pair of shoes for any occasion.

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