Amazing Huarache Sandal in 2024

The Huarache sandal is a versatile and stylish footwear choice that can be worn for both day and evening wear. The sandal is made of durable, flexible rubber, and features a deep heel to provide added support. 
The Huarache also comes in several colors and styles to suit any outfit.
It’s made of woven leather that can be traced to pre-Columbian Mexico.
Its name comes from the Purépechan term ‘kwarachi.’ In English, it directly translates to ‘sandals.’


The Huarache sandal is one of the most popular shoes in the world. It was first designed by Marcial Linares in the late 1800s and has been updated multiple times. These are versatile shoes that can be worn for a variety of activities. It is comfortable to wear and can be personalized with any desired design. 

As with most sandals in this list, the clamor for Huaraches started in the 19th century. It was considered a trademark of laidback hippie fashion. While their fame has come and gone, Huaraches continue to be well-loved sandals in the US and the world and give a boho feel to any summer outfit. Types of these Sandal include

Flat, Heel-up, and Raised-Heel. 
Flat Huarache is the most common type of sandal. They have a round profile and are made from a flexible material such as Rubber or Stanislaus. Heel-Up Huaraches have an upraised heel with a raised platform in the center. 

Huarache sandal 
Huarache sandal 

These sandals are designed to keep your feet warmer during colder weather. Raised-Heel Huaraches offer a little more height than flat sandals, giving your feet extra warmth and support. These sandals have two main kinds of footwear Huarache and the Havaianas.
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The Huarache is a shoe designed for the American summertime. It is made with a rubber sole and has straps that keep it anchored to your foot. The Havaianas sandals are designed for the colder months and offer an all-weather option. In this article, we discuss different brands of sandals and their description.

Women’s Huarache Sandal (Nisolo)


  • Soft, handwoven leather
  • Breathable, closed-toe coverage
  • Convenient, slip-on comfort
  • Versatile design for any occasion
  • Water-resistant leather
  • Shock-absorbing foam midsole cushioning
  • Soft yet sturdy leather lining
  • Flexible, non-slip rubber sole
  • Leather Working Group Certified leather
  • 100% Living Wages, 0% Net Carbon


Sustainability meets artisanal craftsmanship in our top-selling these sandals. These are going, breathable, beautiful, & perfectly unique.


We recommend sizing a half-size down. The handwoven leather may feel slightly snug initially but will perfectly mold to your feet over time.

This Product’s Sustainability Score

The design business keeps on devastatingly affecting Individuals and the Planet. We scored this item across 200 supportability measurements to assist with explaining its social and ecological effect, advance more noteworthy straightforwardness, and consider ourselves more responsible with the expectation that the business will do likewise.

Huarache sandal 
Huarache sandal 

As indicated by the Spotless Garments Mission, 93% of almost 100 influential design brands overviewed don’t pay living wages that cover essential requirements, and under 2% of the article of clothing laborers get living wages (The Genuine Expense). Planet-wise, the Ellen MacArthur Establishment reports that design is liable for 1.2 billion tons of ozone-harming substance discharges, more than every worldwide flight and maritime transportation joined.

Nisolo’s procedure for assessing item scores depends on a broad examination of more than 25 driving social and ecological maintainability appraisals. Item scores mirror Nisolo’s qualities and convictions and are not administrative or outsider-endorsed measurements. Not all qualities and convictions are reflected in item scores.

Models inside Individuals apply to Level 1 of Nisolo’s inventory network, while Planet standards parts apply to Levels 1-4. Individual living wages are determined using Pay Markers and Exchanging Financial aspects benchmarks.

Men’s Huarache Shoes

Cancun – Tan 2 (Chamula Footwear)

Handcrafted in Mexico by native craftsmen utilizing conventional Huarache-making supplies and procedures. CHAMULA huarache highlights old-world craftsmanship and seriously thought-about plans.
The Cancun is an exemplary slip-on plan motivated by an incredibly popular Mexican hotel city.


Style: Round toe, slip-on.
Upper: Natural 100 percent vegetable-tanned leather* – Handcut, hand-dyed, and handwoven.
Sole: EVA – adaptable, lightweight, and shock retaining.

Handcrafted in Mexico

*Vegetable-tanned cowhide is tanned utilizing just regular fixings. For example, tree rind and plants and our calfskins are purposefully wrapped up and “stripped.”
Kindly use mindfulness to keep away from contact with light-hued textures or other light-shaded materials. This calfskin is impregnated with a shade that might move to unfamiliar items/materials because of contact. Shade move is a characteristic trait of this cowhide.

Size & Fit

Follow your shoe size in cm.
For US shoe size, kindly check the size guide beneath.
They fit a piece cozy when you first give them a shot; however, the cowhide stretches to an agreeable fit after some time.

What makes a good Huarache?

Many factors go into making a good Huarache. Some of the key ingredients include quality construction, durability, and fit. For some people, the aesthetic appeal may be a deciding factor as to whether or not they purchase a Huarache. Many factors go into how wearing these shoes affects your feet. One of the most significant is how the shoes help improve circulation. Good circulation makes your feet feel warm and comfortable all day long. These shoes help to reduce inflammation in the feet.

High Heels Huaraches

When it comes to shoes, there are a lot of options to choose from. One option is to go with high heels and sandals. These shoes add an extra level of fashion ability and attractiveness to your outfit. They can also be a great choice if you want to feel more comfortable in your shoes. 

Huarache sandal 
Huarache sandal 

However, there are a few things you should keep in mind when choosing high heels sandals. 
The first thing is that they must be comfortable. If they are not, you will likely have problems with them at the office or on the weekend. Also, ensure they have straps that ensure they stay on your feet. 
These will help keep them from sliding around as you walk around.


Huarache sandal are a type of shoe that is perfect for hot weather. They are comfortable and easy to wear, making them a great choice for those who want to feel good about themselves while wearing them all day. They provide good support and are easy to take on and off.

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