Carters Shoe Size Chart: How to Find Kid Shoe Size

Carters Shoe is a popular footwear brand that offers shoes for kids of all ages. With a wide range of shoes available for infants, toddlers, and kids, Carter’s has become a go-to brand for parents looking for quality footwear that fits their children comfortably. Carters provides an easy-to-use Carter’s shoe size chart that helps to select the perfect choice. This comprehensive guide provides all the information you need to ensure a perfect fit every time, allowing you to shop confidently and easily.

So let’s dive in and learn how to find the right Carters shoe sizes for your child with the Carters Shoe Size Chart. Carter Size Chart is a helpful tool for determining the proper size of your child’s feet.

Newborn Shoe Size

It’s important to remember that baby shoe sizes are different from adult sizes. So when it comes to buying shoes for your newborn, you may first wonder what size shoe to get. Consult Carters Shoe Size Chart or check with the manufacturer for their sizing guidelines. One common rule of thumb is that a baby’s shoe size is typically the same as their age in months. If your little one is three months old, you’ll likely want to look for shoes labeled 0-3 months.

Carters Shoe Size Chart: How to Find Kid Shoe Size
Birth up to 6 weeks83.1015
6 wks – 3 months8.93.5116
3 – 6 months9.23.8217
6 – 9 months10.54.1318
9 – 12 months11.44.5419

Toddler Shoe Size

It’s important to remember that the toddler shoe size chart below is just a reference point, and sizes can vary greatly between different brands of shoes. To ensure you get the right fit, it’s essential that you take accurate measurements of your child’s foot and also consider factors like width and arch support.

Carters Shoe Size Chart: How to Find Kid Shoe Size

If you want to identify the approximate equivalent adult shoe size, follow the same procedure when determining your child’s shoe size. It’s also important to read the sizing chart provided by each brand or site before making a purchase. Even if two pairs of shoes appear to be the same size on different sites, they may have slight variations in measurements that could impact how they fit your feet.

12 – 18 months124.85 (S)20
1 – 2 years135.16 (S)22
2 – 2.5 years145.57 (M)23
2 – 2.5 years14.85.88 (M)24
2.5 – 3 years15.56.19 (L)25
3 – 3.5 years16.56.510 (L)27
3.5 – 4 years17.56.811 (XL)28
3.5 – 4 years187.112 (XL)30

Kids Shoes Size

It’s important to remember that their shoe sizes are different from those of adults. The sizing system used for children’s shoes is based on the length of their feet. When measuring a child’s foot, it’s important to measure both feet and use the larger

measurement as a guide for choosing the correct size. Parents should also keep in mind that shoe sizes can vary between manufacturers. To ensure you get the right fit when ordering kids’ shoes online, it’s always best to check the carter’s shoe size chart provided by that specific brand for accuracy.

4 – 5 years197.513 (XXL)31
5.5 – 6 years19.77.81Y (XXL)32
6 – 7 years20.68.12Y (XXXL)33
7 – 8 years21.68.53Y (XXXL)34
8 – 9 years22.28.74Y (XXXXL)35
9 – 10 years23.295Y (XXXXL)36

Buy Your Children’s Feet the Correct Size of Shoes

As a parent, it’s important to ensure your child wears the right shoes for their age and foot size. Ill-fitting shoes can cause serious problems in the future, such as back pain or even hip pain. The best way to determine your child’s shoe size is by using Carter’s shoe size chart. This chart is incredibly easy to use and will help you ensure your child’s feet are well-supported and protected. When shopping for children’s shoes, you should always measure their feet first. Once you have measured your child’s feet, check out Carter’s shoe size chart online or in-store to determine which size would be best for them.

Keep Track of your Child’s Growth

It is important to keep track of your child’s growth in every aspect – including their feet. Taking measurements of their foot at least once per month can help ensure it is developing properly and growing appropriately. It helps with comfort and prevents any potential issues that could arise from wearing ill-fitting shoes.

Always Check the Toes

A stylish pair may catch your eye; selecting footwear that is well-made and comfortable to wear is crucial. Uncomfortable shoes often wear out quickly. To ensure that your child’s feet are well-supported and protected from any potential harm, always consider the quality of the shoe before purchasing.

It’s advisable to have your child’s feet measured when they are younger, as this will provide an accurate measurement that can be used to select the right size of shoes. When measuring their foot, make sure that you measure at the widest part of their foot, which includes both heels and toes.

Get Your Child’s Feet Measured

Children’s feet grow rapidly, sometimes even faster than once a month. Because of this, it is crucial to have your child’s feet measured regularly by a professional. Even if you are shopping for an older child who seems to have stopped growing, it is still advised to have their feet measured at least once a year. It is because our feet can change in shape and size due to weight gain or loss, pregnancy, or injury. A well-fitting shoe is more comfortable, provides better support, and can prevent foot problems in the future. Having your child’s feet measured by a professional can also help identify potential foot issues early on.


Carters Shoe Size Chart is an excellent tool for parents and caregivers who want to ensure their children’s shoes fit perfectly every time. With this comprehensive guide, you can easily find your child’s shoe size and shop confidently. The chart is easy to use and provides all the information you need to make informed purchasing decisions. So why wait? Check out the Carters Shoes Size Chart today and give your child the perfect fit they deserve. Your child’s comfort and safety depend on it!


What is the best way to find your child’s carters shoe size?

The best way to find the right carters shoe size for your child depends on their foot size and shoe style. Some tips to help you find the right size for your child include measuring their foot width and length (in inches) and comparing those measurements to the sizing chart provided by the carter’s brand they are interested in. 

What is the purpose of the Carters Shoe Size Chart?

The Carter Size Chart aims to help customers find the right shoe for their feet. The chart includes measurements in inches and centimeters and the corresponding shoe sizes.

What are the dimensions of a Kid’s shoe?

The average shoe size for a child is 8-12.

What is the best size for acid?

It depends on a child’s age, size, activity level, and preferences. Generally speaking, the best size for a kid fits comfortably and allows them to move around easily.